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Profitable Growth is the purpose of any company, but what you should you expect from the sales organisation.

Achieving profitable growth can be a challenge for any business. In this interview with Adele Crane, CEOs will learn:

  • How growth should be defined in your companies culture.
  • The three red flags that alert CEOs to their sales business not being correctly aligned to drive growth.
  • Why traditional thinking with sales forces is holding your company back.
  • What impact traditions have on your companies ability to execute strategies.
  • How to identify what areas of improvement are required for your sales organisation.

This is insightful interview that goes to the core of achieving profitable growth. Click on the link below to listen to this interview now.

Sales Focus International conducts in-depth reviews of sales organisations to improve their performance and gain greater understanding of what should be expected from this revenue contributing area of your business. Revenue Improvement Reviews demonstrate to CEO’s how to grow their organisation.

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