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Creating the Perfect B2B Adwords Strategy

business concept of strategy for adwords marketing

Marketing strategies for lead generation require different tactics, and Google B2B AdWords and Pay Per Click (PPC) are a consideration for some industries. They can be the fastest method to boost your online advertising traffic and accelerate your business. Some companies realise results within a week of campaign commencement converting enquiries to qualified leads.

The method of B2B AdWords instant online marketing allows you to reach potential customers actively using google search for products or services solutions.

Through our knowledge of your business gained in developing your marketing strategy, we can define and refine keywords and key phrases that will capture the right potential customers for your business. We consider the variables of different B2B companies, including the type of product or service, buying process, the complexity of the purchase, and other the drivers that instigate their initial search.

B2B Adwords Strategy and Implementation

Utilising a data-driven approach, we monitor the progress using detailed performance tracking to ensure campaigns are being refined to optimise conversion tracking rates and not just clicks. We focus on minimising your total cost and maximise your profits.

For the google ad campaign to be successful, it requires well-written ad copy using keywords and terminology that will appear in search queries. We assist you in writing relevant text ads and publishing them. We manage the advertisements for click-through rates, quality scores, and execute bidding strategies. The advertisements can appear on the search network and display network as part of your Google ads campaign.

A key element of google B2B AdWords campaign success is the landing pages on your website. B2B AdWords creates a connection to your business website, and the landing page is the start of the journey with your brand. The landing page must make a good first impression and engage the person to review what you have on offer.

We ensure the landing page/s are aligned to your brand, messaging, and has a clear call to action. They must immediately create confidence in answering initial buyer questions and giving them the confidence to move forward to the next phase of the buying process with your company.

No matter how good your keywords and advertisement are, you cannot convince potential customers to engage with you if the landing page is not good.

Measuring Performance

Google Adwords and Google Analytics provide transparency of individual advertisement performance, campaign performance and cost per conversion. It supports the management of keyword targeting, negative keywords and improved use of search terms.

Google B2B AdWords should be combined with Remarketing and Website Optimisation as part of an overall digital marketing strategy for your business.

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What is the difference between PPC and SEO?


PPC has a fee every time the ad is clicked. The fee for each word or phrase is variable according to its popularity. It can provide very fast results, often appearing immediately after showing. It can be used as a short-term or long-term marketing strategy.


Search engine optimisation is displayed as an organic search result. There is no cost to display or click on the listing, but the results are often much slower than PPC and are seen as a long-term marketing strategy.

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