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Guest Blogging and Backlinks

Guest Blogging and Backlinks offer you the opportunity to share your expertise on our website and establish yourself as an authority figure within your market. You can build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

SEO specialists and marketers have the opportunity to place backlinks in high-quality content to increase your client’s or business’s search engine optimisation and ranking of your website.

About Sales Focus Advisory

Sales Focus Advisory’s blog has operated for well over a decade and is a renowned source of knowledge for CEOs and other executive leaders in companies. We have an extensive database of senior decision-makers providing you with an extended audience to reach.

We invite guest bloggers who can write fluently in English with good experience in B2B Leadership, Sales and Marketing and Backlinks to related content by SEO specialists and marketers.

What topics should you write about?

Sales Focus Advisory blog is an advisory tool for an audience of people seeking business improvement advice. Please review our previously published posts to get an idea of our topic focus. If a category for your post is currently not shown, we will add it for you.

Our audience

Sales Focus Advisory users — an international crowd of CEOs and senior business executives focusing on sales growth, marketing and business advice. We are also interested in articles about technology people can use in their business related to sales and marketing. All articles should be helpful and informative, similar to other articles on our site.

Our Scores

Moz DA 19, SEMRush DA 28, HREFS 23, and growing quickly.
Toxic 1%

What we don’t publish

We do not publish information for small start-ups and consumer businesses.

Looking to be a Guest Blogger and Backlink Placements

If you are interested in posting a guest blog,

If you are interested in posting backlinks,