11 03, 2020

Removing the Barrier to New Customer Acquisition

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When we talk with companies, their biggest challenges are growing revenues through new customer acquisition. Companies have robust records of success with their existing customer base but are confronted with a barrier to securing new customers. To understand why new business is so difficult for some companies, we conducted numerous [...]

5 09, 2016

Entering new markets; successfully

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For many companies, growth strategies can incorporate entering new markets with either existing products and/or releasing new products. The businesses intent being to create new or increased revenue streams and broaden the customer base of the company; all too often the outcome is more (or less) revenue but even higher costs [...]

16 03, 2016

Expanding into New Markets Successfully?

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Profitable growth is a challenge every CEO must have a sound strategy for. Fundamentally you have two options: Sell more in your existing markets or identify new markets in which your products and services can be sold. Existing markets are comfortable, low risk, and you have a well-developed velocity to benefit from. [...]