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group of blue people icons around a red one standing up high showing customer centric team
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

The Customer Centric Approach to Marketing

How marketing can serve the needs of customers to drive sales results by using a customer-centric approach It may seem obvious that marketing’s primary focus is satisfying the needs and wants of customers, although it is surprising how many companies

flying blind bird or sales strategy excellence
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

Sales Strategy Excellence or Are You Flying Blind?

Is your sales team flying blind or on course for another successful year? Do you apply Sales Strategy Excellence? Some companies excel, whilst others scrutinise lines of red on revenue reports. With over three decades of facilitating sales transformations, Sales Focus

two key board buttons saying marketing proactiveness
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Marketing Proactiveness Supports Strategy

Although it is common practice in many businesses to employ strategy and planning, in its absence it can lead to the failure of product launches and sometimes the demise of the company itself. Often sufficient planning is skipped for the sake

Sales enablement transparency of team working
Sales Operations Articles

Sales Enablement Means the Success of your Sales Team

Sales team success occurs from more than just relationships and a good brand name. That supports only 5% of the sales population and for the rest, they require much more from their company. Sales are not unlike any other area

Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Understanding Marketing Automation in a B2B Environment

Marketing Automation is the new language of marketing The marketing landscape has dramatically changed over the past decade. Just like modern selling, marketing is moving away from buying or begging for new customers and has shifted into a new paradigm

metaphor for growth and opportunity
Sales Management Articles

Sales Initiatives for Newly Appointed Managers

You have just been hired as a new national sales manager and you are getting to know the issues to be addressed in the business. Your CEO is waiting for the new sales initiatives that will deliver revenue growth. Modern

business concept of five misconceptions of hiring people
Sales Recruitment Articles

Five Misconceptions Hiring Salespeople Leaders Have

Legacy thinking, in relation to sales forces, sees companies hold misconceptions about hiring salespeople for their company. Hiring successful sales personnel is a challenging process for many companies. As HR departments become ever-increasingly involved in the shortlisting and interview processes,

Image defining Top Marketing Metrics
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

The Top Marketing Metrics CEOs Should Review

In business-to-business (B2B) environments, the primary role of marketing is to generate leads for the sales division. CEOs need to keep a watchful eye on the top marketing metrics as these contribute directly to the achievement of top-line revenue. With

CEO reviewing sales team performance
Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

How CEO’s Can Turnaround Poor Sales Team Performance

As CEO, you have just received your third negative quarterly report, and the numbers are coming in all red. The sales team’s performance is in question as they are not hitting their numbers again, and the actions outlined by the

gears showing transformational change for sales and marketing
Sales Transformation Articles

Challenges Facing Transformational Change

You have identified that there is a sales and or marketing transformational change project that will positively impact your revenue projections when delivered. From previous experience, you know that the implementation of similar projects have suffered and produced less than

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