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Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

What Role Should the CEO Play in Driving Sales Performance Improvement?

Sales Performance Improvement is often deemed as the responsibility of the sales leadership and too often the improvements are inconsistent or insufficient to directly affect results. Successful CEOs take a different approach and let us explain how. As Chief Executive

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Sales Performance Improvement Articles

Why Sales Force Measurement is Rejected

Ever wondered why sales force measurement is met with resistance? Here is a great example of why the culture exists. For many years, sportspeople were seen as gifted talent, something that cannot be trained, measured, or improved. It was just

sales management challenges and good or bad results going different directions
Sales Management Articles

Sales Management Challenges For Growth

Sales management must adapt to the new markets and embrace other views for growth achievement. The markets are changing, and the game is changing for companies and their sales management. The tell-tale signs are no longer subtle as companies face

compensation plan collage
Compensation and Sales Incentive Planning Articles

How Well Does Your Compensation Plan Support Your Strategy?

Getting your team to focus on the right customers and elements of your strategy can be difficult. Your compensation plan can be a great tool to assist you in getting your strategy implemented and the sales results you want. For

Effective Sales Manager talking with his team reviewing results
Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

Ascertaining the Real Value of an Effective Sales Manager?

What is the value of an effective sales manager to your business? A question of the value of an effective sales manager is one that many CEOs consider when they are looking at lack-lustre results or high staff turnover in

Transform thinking sign to Contemporary Sales Organisation
Profit Improvement Articles

The Contemporary Sales Organisation?

Your sales organisation can define how contemporary and competitive your company will be in changing markets. Customer buying behaviour has altered both within company processes and psychologically and companies need to be aware of how those changes will affect them

Drawing showing all tasks of a sales operations specialist
Sales Operations Articles

Role Of Sales Operations Specialist – A Must Have Position

The Role of Sales Operations Specialist is the missing job function Without a sales operations specialist or sales enablement person in your team, it can be holding your company back. This is an increasing problem we are seeing in companies

person reviewing sales measurement on laptop
Sales Management Articles

Taking a Modern Approach to Sales Measurement

As sales and marketing organisations have become more advanced and often complex, sales measurement goes beyond the traditional reports that companies have become familiar with. As a CEO you are most likely reviewing the revenue report daily. What revenues have

handing over keys while replacing your sales manager
Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

Replacing Your Sales Manager: Yes or No?

Will Replacing your Sales Manager Solve your Sales Performance Problems? This is the question faced by CEOs when the sales organisation is underperforming. They may have had faith in the current incumbent originally, but the numbers are just not coming

Prepared Sales Plan on chalkboard
Sales Management Articles

The Sales Plans to Halt Eleventh Hour Panic

Does your company’s sales culture undermine sales plans and delivering results? For many years the focus has been on cost-cutting, and CEOs capable of making deep cuts and improving profitability were considered the leaders. Times have changed. Now the talent

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