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Execuses in the Procrastination Sales Trap
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

The CEO Procrastination Sales Trap

The procrastination sales trap that derails your strategy implementation As CEO, you are responsible for the delivery of strategy and revenue, which forms part of a three or five-year plan. At the commencement of the year, there is a sense

Snake and apple metaphor for sales manager sins
Sales Management Articles

Seven Deadly Sales Manager Sins

These are seven deadly sales manager sins that decay sales performance and leave a lasting problem for companies. For the past two decades, I have worked to turn around many struggling sales forces. When first approached by CEOs, the conversation

Sales Transformation
Sales Transformation Articles

I Want to Lead a Sales Transformation

Your company has been under the pressure of competitors and market changes for several years. You have made the usual moves of cutting costs, and changing suppliers looking for innovation in products and services, and the pressure is still building.

Balancing Risk and Reward of a sales incentive plan
Compensation and Sales Incentive Planning Articles

Sales Incentive Plans that Undermine Success

Sales Incentives plans or schemes can have the opposite effect to what you originally planned. Compensating salespeople can be one of the most significant challenges sales managers face when determining an effective selling strategy. It can determine sales rep’s responses to

large blue launch button
New Markets and Products Articles

When New Product Launches Fail

New product launches can be very exciting times for a company. They quickly become shiny new toys and, as such, become the focus of sales, marketing, and other stakeholders. Resources are devoted to its launch, and they are seen as

Goldfish swimming other direction showing smart sales management
Sales Management Articles

Smart Sales Management for Competitive Markets

It is important sales management accepts that participating in change is not an option as it affects their industry and company. Smart sales management swims against traditional thinking and modernises. In the face of overwhelming change and diversity in the

group of blue people icons around a red one standing up high showing customer centric team
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

The Customer Centric Approach to Marketing

How marketing can serve the needs of customers to drive sales results by using a customer-centric approach It may seem obvious that marketing’s primary focus is satisfying the needs and wants of customers, although it is surprising how many companies

flying blind bird or sales strategy excellence
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

Sales Strategy Excellence or Are You Flying Blind?

Is your sales team flying blind or on course for another successful year? Do you apply Sales Strategy Excellence? Some companies excel, whilst others scrutinise lines of red on revenue reports. With over three decades of facilitating sales transformations, Sales Focus

two key board buttons saying marketing proactiveness
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Marketing Proactiveness Supports Strategy

Although it is common practice in many businesses to employ strategy and planning, in its absence, it can lead to the failure of product launches and sometimes the demise of the company itself. Often sufficient planning is skipped for the

Sales enablement transparency of team working
Sales Operations Articles

Sales Enablement Means the Success of your Sales Team

Sales team success occurs from more than just relationships and a good brand name. That supports only 5% of the sales population, and for the rest, they require much more from their company. Sales are not unlike any other area