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character looking through glass for focused improvements
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

Does Focused Improvement Really Work?

Does focused improvement really work? In short, the answer is ‘no’, but it is one of the most adopted practices by executives in business today. Focused improvement is a skill and practice applied for business turnarounds and not for successful

gold fish in bowl as metaphor for business survival
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

Exiting Business Survival Mode to Growth

Just when companies were seeing the GFC as an event fading into the past, new pressures of changing economies and markets are now upon us. Some companies are reporting they are excelling in business growth, whilst many others are struggling

Metaphor of a Robust Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy Development Articles

Characteristics of a Robust Sales Strategy

Building a robust sales strategy is the pillar of successful sales results but many don’t make the mark. Learn how to shift sales strategy from a chance to making the real changes necessary. Companies banter the words of sales strategy

ladder up to a realistic sales goal
Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

Setting Realistic Sales Goals

It is that time of year again when discussions regarding sales goals for the coming year are being discussed and reviewed. The CEO wants a higher number than what the sales leader is comfortable committing to. The question on the

A diagram of related words around large text big data
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Big Data For Sales and Marketing

The market is buzzing with the new revolution of Big Data for sales and marketing however many companies are yet to embrace it. For many, they are seeing this new revolution as a conflict with CRM or they believe they

targeting sales growth strategies
Profit Improvement Articles

Real Cost of Sales Growth Strategies

Companies are continuously looking for growth but often miscalculate the real cost of sales growth strategies. There are many schools of thought on how to achieve growth and market share. For some companies, acquisitions and mergers are the best routes.

Road sign showing sales strategy fails
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

90% of Sales Strategy Fails – Why?

When a sales strategy fails, companies look to find real reasons and how to address the required improvements. As we approach the end of the year, many companies are reviewing their performance year-to-date and planning. Sales strategies and budgets are

Hand Scrutinizing sales forecast report with magnifying glass
Sales Management Articles

How Accurate Are Your Sales Forecast Reports?

Are you tired of receiving wildly inaccurate sales forecast reports? As CEO, you are reliant on the information presented in sales forecast reports to contribute to your overall cash flow decisions, and other business unit managers rely on them for

Time for Action for Unsuccessful Sales Organisations
Sales Management Articles

Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Sales Organisations

Unsuccessful sales organisations unwittingly continue to repeat the same behaviours, year in year out. Whilst most CEOs are reading and learning about how to make their companies more successful, it is well worth a person’s time to stop and take

sign saying the bottom line for Sales Leader Performance
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

The Bottom Line about Sales Leader Performance

When CEOs look at their sales leaders, what responsibilities do they prioritise for sales leader performance? Do they consider them as customer guardians? Or maybe customer relationship managers? How many CEOs see them as business managers? How many CEOs manage

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