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Businessman looking at screen with sales revenue failure results
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

Sales Revenue Failure: What CEOs Need To Know

Sales Revenue is the lifeblood of any business and when sales revenue failure occurs, companies jump to simple and often ineffective solutions. CEOs have for many years focused on functional improvements in areas such as operations, logistics, and finance where

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team meeting about Sales Crisis Management
Sales Management Articles

Sales Management or Sales Crisis Management

Have you ever scrutinised what your sales manager is actually doing throughout each day? You may be surprised when you do. The sales manager role has a direct influence on your company’s profitability, although, for many businesses, the sales manager

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CEO meeting with newly appointed sales leader
Sales Force Management Articles for CEOs

Newly Appointed Sales Leader Fails

Recently sitting in a review meeting with a CEO of an industrial products business, we were joined by his newly appointed sales leader. The aim of his attendance being to discover the findings and priority of the sales leader following

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Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Marketing Effectiveness Actions for Improved ROI

Marketing effectiveness continues to become an increased need in businesses as the cost of sales increases and customer’s buyer behaviour changes. The days of cold calling are limited, and marketing is required to extend its performance to more than just

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Businessman talking in meeting
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

Who will own your Revenue Improvement Plan?

A Revenue Improvement Plan is as important as a good strategic plan. As a CEO or owner of a small business, you must continually seek ways to increase revenue, and having a well-planned approach that has defined outcomes is core

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Sales manager up to neck in the sea, drowning.
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

National Sales Manager Drowns Under Structure

Is Your National Sales Manager Drowning along with your Revenue Line? You are faced with the following scenario with your National Sales Manager and what do you do? The sales numbers are becoming unreliable, and as CEO it’s becoming all

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CEO thinking how to increase revenue
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

The Different Challenges CEOs Face to Increase Revenue

As CEO, you are ultimately responsible for delivering increased revenue and ensuring you are delivering profitable growth year-on-year, but for some, this is a harder task than others. You must deal with the challenges of markets, competitors, internal challenges, and

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metaphor of a dull light bulb for products fail to sell
New Markets and Products Articles

Why Great Products Fail to Sell

When your products fail to sell, some would argue that the answer to problems lies with developers or engineers. Many companies invest heavily in product or solution development and are disappointed when it is not the boom in the market

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high performance sales leader character winning goals
HR Management Articles

Hiring a High Performance Sales Leader

The person you hire for the role of sales leader can define your organizations success or failure. They are the person that will set the standards of how everyone will operate within the sales organization and what performance will be delivered by everyone.

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