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high performance sales leader character winning goals
HR Management Articles

Hiring a High Performance Sales Leader

Hands up those that do not want a high-performance sales leader? The person you hire for the role of a sales leader can define your organisations success or failure. They are the person that will set the standards of how

inside sales person talking on phone to multiple people
Sales Management Articles

The Untapped Revenue Stream of an Inside Sales Team

Companies have traditionally looked to external sales teams to be the people reaching out to customers in business development or account management roles with the intent of closing deals. These traditional methods of selling can be expensive loaded with direct

red apple standing out from green apples showing brand positioning
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Why Brand Positioning Matters

Brand positioning Increases Buyer Responses How do you achieve it? Buyer response increases when brand positioning and compelling messaging are aligned. Success comes when you bring the brand characterisation and customer’s understanding together to create what is often considered a

hands holding small plant nurturing leads for growth
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Nurturing Leads Can Treble Sales Conversion Ratios

Marketing has the challenge of not only lead generation for the sales organisation but also nurturing leads, particularly where the generation of new business is a significant part of the sales strategy. Marketing has numerous tools available to generate high

image of the word brand crumbling from unruly sales team
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

How Unruly Sales Teams Destroy Your Brand and Sales

Your company can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars toward building your brand to have it destroyed by unruly sales teams. An unruly team being one that is disorderly and disruptive and does not embrace the following of practices set

two characters putting a jigsaw together connecting marketing and sales
Marketing and Sales Alignment Articles

Mission Critical: Connecting Marketing and Sales

Connecting marketing and sales has become mission-critical in today’s highly competitive markets. Buyers have changed their way of purchasing and many of the old sales practices are becoming redundant, leaving sales teams struggling to perform. Connecting these two business areas

Man standing under umbrella thinking of accurate sales forecasts
Sales Management Articles

Accurate Sales Forecasting For Sales Forces

Accurate Sales Forecasts are a primary measure of sales leadership One of the great frustrations in sales management is presenting accurate sales forecasts to the executive only to find the numbers falling away and the report failing. Accurate sales forecasts

man moving a giant chess piece on chess board showing corporate strategy
Sales Strategy Development Articles

Is your corporate strategy on target?

Your corporate strategy sets the direction for the entire organisation, especially the sales and marketing teams. It defines the language and focus of the company and is designed to align the business more closely to its market. When developing your

sign saying new Launch New Products
New Markets and Products Articles

Customers Ask ‘Why Change’ When You Launch New Products

As companies gear up to launch new products, the biggest competitor they will face is the customer’s motivation to ‘change’ to a new product or service. With the abundance of product and service offers now in the market and presented

key to sales strategy success
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

The Key to Sales Strategy Execution

The Key to Sales Strategy is a Well Defined Implementation Plan But what does that success look like? The implementation consists of a plan with the right focus, measurement, and discipline. With a new year starting the timing is right

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