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metaphor of success for making your sales number
Sales Management Articles

Making Your Sales Number in the Coming Year

Making your sales number is one of the highest priorities for any organisation. If you have not hit your mid-year or end-of-year number now, then this year may not deliver the results you forecasted. Now is the time to take

increased revenue through predictive analytics
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

Sales Managers Making Better Decisions for Increased Revenue

The quality of a sales manager is most often defined by their decision-making ability and capability to increase revenue. Unfortunately, sales managers are unknowingly hampering their ability to make good decisions by not embracing the new decision-making tools and reporting

hand above water line drowning
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

The Growth Strategy Most Likely To Fail

Developing a growth strategy is the road map that guides the company’s focus and efforts. When companies have some success with their sales force, they often consider the next step to hire more people. This will increase the top-line revenue

gold fish jumping from one bowl to another
New Markets and Products Articles

Companies Entering New Markets Successfully

For many companies entering new local markets, their growth strategies can incorporate existing products and services and/or release new products or services. The business’s intent is to create new or increased revenue streams, broaden the customer base of the company

Bridge showing Ruin the Sales Relationship with it broken
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

How Digital Can Ruin the Sales Relationship

Is it possible to ruin the sales relationship through digital communication? If you are having conversations with your sales team about sales relationships, then you are potentially missing the key changes in the buyer process of today’s new world market.

businessman with a sales problem
Sales Performance Improvement Articles

How to Diagnose a Sales Problem

Is there a sales problem? For many companies, the end of the financial year has arrived; the sales revenue results are final. Depending on the overall number delivered, some companies will be celebrating while others will be quietly frustrated (or

characters showing strategy implementation processes
Sales Strategy Execution Articles

Connecting Strategy Formulation And Strategy Implementation

The value of a good strategy is only known when strategy implementation is completed effectively. For many companies, the issue of implementation is a re-occurring decay on the business’s growth as it continues to fail to reach its deliverables. Understanding

Sales Performance Improvement Articles

Smart Metrics Lead to Growth

While there is a lot of conversation about strategy and tactics, growing a business requires more than just people skills. Importantly growth is about math and managing by the numbers to ensure people are applying their skills appropriately, particularly with

cutting costs through lean sales
Business Performance Articles for CEOs

When Cutting Costs Does Not Lead to Growth

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room- cutting costs does not lead to growth when you follow old thinking. For many companies that rely on operational mindsets, they harbour the thinking that cost control will lead to growth but

Pitcher Player throwing a ball to hit sales targets
Sales Performance Improvement Articles

How to Hit Sales Targets in the Last Quarter

To hit sales targets in the last quarter when you are behind takes precise management working with analytics and a solid coaching methodology. The financial year is drawing to a close; is your sales revenue lagging behind the target? Do

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