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8 10, 2018

Newly Appointed Sales Leader Fails

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Recently sitting in a review meeting with a CEO of an industrial products business, we were joined by his newly appointed sales leader. The aim of his attendance being to discover the findings and priority of the sales leader following his first weeks in the role and tour of all [...]

1 12, 2015

A Complacent Sales Leader; A CEOs Greatest Risk

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The complacent sales leader is one of the greatest risks for CEOs in companies with sales organisations. This is a critical role in any company where sales are driven by the efforts of a sales team making sales calls on customers. Whether that is for general consumable items or complex [...]

29 05, 2015

Smart Sales Analytics For Growth

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The challenge for companies today is having access to information and processes that assist in driving the right behaviours in sales forces that ultimately deliver growth. The sad fact is that only a small number of companies achieve what they planned in revenue in any given year; the ability to [...]

6 05, 2015

Hiring a New Sales Manager?

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A new sales manager is often seen as your opportunity to achieve growth, but gaining a commitment to delivering growth is not where you need to be focusing your attention. Every sales manager you interview will give you a growth commitment; it is how they get jobs in many companies. [...]

21 10, 2014

How CEO’s Can Turnaround Poor Sales Team Performance

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As CEO, you have just received your third negative quarterly report and the numbers are coming in all red. The sales team performance is in question as they are not hitting their numbers again, and the actions outlined by the sales manager have not delivered. Do you have a developing [...]

16 09, 2014

What Role Should the CEO Play in Driving Sales Performance Improvement?

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Sales Performance Improvement is often deemed as the responsibility of the sales leadership and too often the improvements are inconsistent or insufficient to directly affect results. Successful CEOs take a different approach and let us explain how. As Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director (“CEO”) you are the person leading [...]

18 02, 2014

Ascertaining the Real Value of an Effective Sales Manager?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

What is the value of your sales leader to your business? A question that many CEOs consider when they are looking at lack lustre results or high staff turnover in sales. This blog post is a little confronting as it may hit some home truths, but it will certainly give CEOs something to ponder.

Recently I was sitting in a client executive meeting where a sales leader was reporting on their team’s performance for the last calendar year. The financial report demonstrated 94% achievement of sales goals and a reduction in profit margins. There was a staff churn rate of 27%. All having a cost to the business, directly and indirectly.

7 10, 2013

Replacing Your Sales Manager: Yes or No?

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This is the question faced by a CEO when the sales organisation underperforming. They may have had faith in the current incumbent originally, but the numbers are just not coming in; so that faith is diminishing quickly as the pressure builds on results. As CEO you must take action as your responsibility is to deliver profit to owners/shareholders, and executive bonuses will also suffer if the results do not hit the bank account.

Most people struggle with the decision to terminate a sales leader. Before reaching that point you will have exhausted many options. The company has worked through the usual team training, products, territories and marketing. The results are still not in the bank.

So what other options are there?

12 06, 2013

Setting Realistic Sales Goals

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

As CEO, you have set a stretch budget for the coming year and you believe it’s achievable. The decision has been made with consideration of the market and your company’s needs. You need the growth to deliver not only shareholder value, but to invest in the business equipment to improve product quality and operational efficiencies.

You go to the sales leader with the number and he/she immediately starts objecting saying it cannot be done.

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