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How CEOs & Business Owners Can Increase Sales Results
and Exceed Sales Goals

The Customised Company Driven Programme Defining Your Growth Potential and Enabling You to Drive Results Fully guaranteed to deliver growth!

The overall benefit of the Sales Focus Growth Programme is that it develops how your company can deliver growth, consistently and exceed sales goals.

The programme does this by establishing the company in a winning position against your competitors through internal and external changes. Grounded in best practice, the alignment of strategy to your products, markets, combined with the right efforts, timely, applied by sales and marketing it provides a permanent base for growth.

Each company is different and gains different benefits within the overall process.

Some of those micro benefits you can gain are:

  • A more predictable revenue forecast and prepares the company to address any challenges timely, responsively, and immediately shift the business to a competitive position. The company has the transparency to make better decisions incrementally removing the rise and fall of sales results each quarter/year.
  • Improved alignment to the customers buying processes and segmentation of the customer base, in several different ways, creating a stronger tailored buying proposition according to their authority and buying process.
  • Developing and/or refining your compelling brand difference to increase your competitiveness.
  • Execution of flawless marketing campaigns that generate sales leads and opportunities while reducing costs associated with lead generation.
  • Increasing revenue produced by each salesperson and minimum order values.
  • Optimisation of sales territories, sales quota/goals and compensation packages including commissions schemes.
  • Aligning of sales and marketing to minimise the chasm of lost opportunity and unnecessary cost escalation.
  • You may uncover hidden growth opportunities.
  • Improving your go-to-market capability for new products gaining a fast ROI on the investment.

A robust methodology enabling leadership to make timely critical decisions for business growth and consistently exceed sales goals.

Answering your initial questions – does this fit our company requirements?

A business management methodology focused on sales and marketing to accelerate your growth rates.

If you are experiencing difficulties with low growth rates, plateauing or declining revenues, this programme will provide the intervention and development required to drive growth. On the other hand, if you are a young company with growth expectations, the program will remove the typical barriers and problems you experience in the growth stages.

The alignment of sales and marketing functional requirements with the business strategy, combined with taking the right actions, with informed capability and measurement to make sound decisions, timely.

This programme is tailored to the core functions, and action plans your company needs to accelerate growth. The review process establishes the content of your bespoke programme.

Sales Focus Sales Growth takes companies through the proven methodologies and disciplines that have supported exponential growth across many industries. It is the methodology that delivers sustainable growth in today’s highly competitive world.

Regular monthly workshops, typically 9am to 2pm, with implementation requirements and consulting support.

With the flexibility of communication in today’s market, programmes are delivered via Zoom or face to face, depending on your location.

The programme is designed for CEOs and Business Owners and their executive leadership team who have a lot on the line and no time to waste.

Typically, a CEO or Business Owner will have others attending, such as other Directors, their General Manager, Sales Manager/s, Marketing Manager. Companies are often considering hiring for those roles attend to improve their knowledge and frameworks before hiring. People being groomed for management roles.

Companies with revenues of $3m to $100m per annum in B2B sales environments.

The programme is for B2B sales and marketing. The methodology has been developed since 1990 through research and used in over 200 company’s reviews identifying the core problems and establishing and delivering recovery plans. In addition, it has been rigorously used in 90–120-day turnarounds delivered in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.

We have broad experience across many industries and sectors. Please review our website for industries we have work with and delivered results.

Each programme is bespoke, however, there are core elements of information that must be covered to ensure the business has the correct foundations, operating practices and culture to drive growth. There are some areas you may already have strengths in, and others that require improvement. The goal is to align them all correctly across sales and marketing to drive consistent growth.

You can review the programme content base by clicking on this link.

business concept for exceed sales goals
Read the CEO & Business Owner Information Guide and find out if the programme will work for your company. It will assist you to answer questions and understand points such as:

  • Why growth does not come easy
  • Where does your company stand?
  • Why common sense, courage and teams are important
  • Is my team ready to engage in a business-performance programme?
  • How do discuss the programme internally with your team
  • Frequent signs of change reluctance in teams

Getting started on sales revenue improvement and how to exceed sales goals.