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Putting Your Marketing to Work for Industrial Companies

How to Maximise the Results and ROI From Your Marketing Spend

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Industrial companies planning growth need to consider the value being delivered by their marketing and the results and ROI being achieved.

Today, industrial marketing is a core component of driving growth for any company as it connects you to the right target audience and creates engagement that leads to sales. Buyers expect to be able to evaluate your offerings online without barriers of salespeople in the early stages of their research.

Therefore, marketing is the lynchpin between buyers and your business.

Promoting services to these industrial markets is not like selling software or grocery items: you need a specialist marketing partner who understands how to align sales and marketing to support growth. 

Sale Focus Advisory understands industrial marketing and its connection to solution selling, long sales cycles, and how to build your brand and generate quality sales-ready leads with the right audience. We have been working with industrial companies since 1990.

There are three stages that will directly contribute to your growth.

Step 1 : Marketing Audit & Road Map

Establishing the starting point and defining the road map forward is the first step to preparing your business for sustainable growth.

Our structured marketing audit process reviews your past performance, existing marketing assets, and go-to-market actions. Then, we look to the future and understand your growth expectations and your ideal product and service audience. From this, we can commence building your strategy.

We develop a comprehensive report and operational plan of what assets you will require and the marketing functions and services to support delivering your strategy. Importantly, we establish the measurement for ROI on your industrial marketing endeavours.

It's a thorough approach that establishes a strong marketing basis to support growth achievement through focused marketing efforts.

Step 2 : Gearing for Growth

With a solid basis and understanding of the direction and focus, our efforts shift to implementing the marketing strategy and the key deliverables. We identify the best marketing channels to reach your audience, continually build your brand, and nurture potential customers.

We align marketing and sales and connect with the right audience to serve your business in the future. We emphasise new business development, providing quality leads to sales for them to have the right conversations with decision-makers.

We develop or improve marketing assets to deliver performance that drives growth in your business in the short and longer term. We continue to refine those assets through this phase, providing you with a sustainable platform for growth. In addition, we experiment with campaigns and activities to build audience engagement and lead-generation responses.

Through this process, we continually capture insights, validate assumptions, diagnose and optimise for maximum return on your industrial marketing investment.

Step 3 : Time to Scale

All businesses intend to scale, and much like how the sales force scales to reach further into markets and take maarket share from competitors, the marketing efforts grow to support the business and sales activities. We leverage those successful marketing efforts, create more content, refine your processes to reach new customers and geographical areas, and launch new products. We work with you to shape a stronger brand position and marketing strategy for the future of the business.

Your marketing department may change in structure and functions to support its growth. We guide you on the most effective structures and services to deliver your marketing department's highest return on investment.

If you are looking to drive growth and expand your business's market footprint, then it might be worth booking a discovery call to find out how we can put your industrial marketing to work for you.

Looking for more information on how to put your marketing to work? You can download our Guide on Putting Your Marketing to Work for Industrial Companies.

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