Case Studies

Adele Crane regularly publishes Case Studies of assignments she has completed, which provides insights for CEOs and Managing Directors into how she has assisted other clients achieve increases in revenue of 25-40%, expansion into new markets and profit improvement through her consultancy services. Adele is an expert in implementation consulting delivering growth and profit improvement. We are constantly adding new case studies, so please check back from time to time.

A North American company struggled to remain profitable with a slow decline over recent years. With a change in how they operated their sales force, 120 days later the company shifted to a viable and sustainable business. To read their story, download your copy.

A growth capability review of this USA company uncovers the core reasons why a company was on the precipice of collapse. The CEO made some hard decisions to results over sales goals in realise growth 40 percent in the first twelve months and the second and subsequent year produced the same performance. To read their story, download your copy.

A company with a 2500 strong sales force was seeking growth without increasing overheads. Following a review, we identified a gain of 32% increase in sales capacity and a further 4% saving on sales costs. A fresh thinking approach delivered significant contribution to the bottom line. To read their story, download your copy today.

This case study explores the challenges a successful New Zealand company experienced when expanding into a new foreign market; even with some experience in their new target market. It provides an understanding of what went wrong with their go-to-market strategy, and then provides insights on an alternate strategy that should have been used to ensure success. To read more about their story, download your copy.

To support their international expansion in an aggressive timetable, this company understood the value of repeatable and scalable processes including the sales message. Their expansion plans were achieved with a low cost. To read more about their story, download your copy.

A successful company looking to scale rapidly but was under capitalised for the costs of their optimum plan. We assisted them gain ramp-up time for new hires reduced by up to 50% enabling faster return on investment and costs of induction reduced by in excess 80%. To read their story, download your copy.

A change in sales culture for this UK company and a revised sales strategy, supported this company achieve a 25% increase in revenues in twelve months and continued growth in the years that followed. To read their story, download your copy.

A young company enjoyed rapid growth for several years then struggled to break through the revenue barrier for three consecutive years. Learn how we achieved a productivity increase of 42% in sales personnel and 25% increase in revenues. To read their story, download a copy.

When a company in Dallas, Texas was facing an enormous opportunity against strong competition, there was a need to change how they conducted their sales. Although their product was a winning product, they had lost opportunities before to these competitors. With a new structured sales process and disciplines around opportunity management, the were the winners. To read more about their story, download your copy.

Profits were collapsing as a company experienced growth rates exceeding 35 percent per annum year on year. The company invested heavily in its operational capacity, however sales remained the frontier of the highly energetic customer driven individual and it was destroying the business. To read more about their story, download your copy.

With multiple sales channels and executives all doing their own promotions and brand management, the company, although successful, was not realising its full potential. The CEO recognised the need for change the results were extraordinary. A new sales and marketing strategy made the difference. To read more about their story, please download your copy

With a large sales force stretching over several countries and a company focused on best practice, the sales force was no exception and world best practice was the goal to ensure the highest performing teams in their industry. Implementation of the sales systems and selling methodologies created a culture of world best practice sellers for this company. To read more about their story, please download your copy.

New ownership takes this stalwart business to new levels. Fresh thinking and contemporary practices applied, this business realises 40% increase in sales in 120 days and continues to grow. A sales transformation or cultural change was at the core of process. To read more about their story, download your copy.

This mature New Zealand business, an advocate of industry practice, was  in permanent shrinkage and would continue to shrink in size; not necessarily achieve profit through that process.  A major sales transformation to best practice, structural realignment and cultural change, set this business in the direct of profit achieving 3% increased EBIT and $16m top line revenue. To read more about their story, download your copy.

The company believed their sales results were down through pressures of the GFC. A reality check made them realise the status quo was internal not external and changes were made. The CEO led the charge under our guidance and the results were increases in the top line of 11% in the first year, 23% in the second year as a new agile sales organisation. To read more about their story, complete the form below and download your copy.