Sales Focus Advisory and Adele Crane provide CEOs and senior executives with short insightful eBooks that assist them to answer questions or understand more about the subject of marketing and sales. These are the most popular eBooks provided for your interest.

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I Want to Lead a Sales Transformation

The senior executive has decided that it is time for a sales transformation to address the performance issues in the team. Who is best suited to be the leader?  Download eBook I want to Lead a Sales Transformation

Breaking the Sales Revenue Barrier

A guide for CEOs that want to achieve profitable growth for their company and grow to the next level. Download eBook Breaking Through the Revenue Barrier

Lean Sales Growth

When numbers are falling in the top line, companies often immediately focus on profitability. The focus needs to be balanced between cost-cutting and growth. Learn more: Download eBook on Lean Sales Growth

Entering New Markets; Successfully

For many companies, growth strategies can incorporate entering new markets with either existing products and/or releasing new products. Download eBook Taking New Products To Market

Failing Growth Strategy

When companies have some success with their sales force, they often consider the next step is to hire more people. Unfortunately, we see this approach repeated over and over again, and it leads to disappointment. Download eBook Failing Growth Strategy.

Sales Focus Money Ball

Learn how to improve performance, drive sales results and create an engaged and smart sales force. Download your copy now.

The CEO Procrastination Sales Trap

A report offering CEOs valuable insight to assist them in their sales organisation’ preparedness and ability to deliver. Download eBook the CEO Procrastination Sales Trap

Sales Strategy Development and Execution

Companies continue to struggle with the need for well-defined sales strategies that are executed timely to the market. This ebook guides you on how to write sales strategy and execute. Download eBook Sales Strategy Development and Execution

How to Effectively Grow a Company Immediately

How much can your business grow using existing resources and what do you need to do to make it happen? Download eBook How To Effectively Grow a Company

How to Achieve Consistent Profitable Growth

A guide to the steps you must take and the questions you need to ask to when planning for consistent profitable growth. Download eBook How to Achieve Consistent Profitable Growth.

Understanding Marketing Automation

Marketing is moving away from buying or begging for new customers and has shifted into a new paradigm of thinking. Download eBook Understanding Marketing Automation

What 5 Metrics Should Marketers Provide CEOs

A guide to the primary role of marketing in business to business (B2b) environments and how to generate leads for your sales division. Download eBook on Marketing Metrics

What Predictive Sales Analytics Actually Drive Growth?

A short guide on predictive sales analytics for CEOs and MDs. Download eBook on Predictive Sales Analytics

Experience vs. Performance

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of hiring outside industry competitors when seeking greater revenue and profits and a competitive advantage. Download your copy now.

What Selling Situations is Inside Sales Best Suited To?

The Four Keys Ways To Identify Where Inside Sales Are Most Appropriate. Download your copy now.

How to Succeed in Tough Markets

As markets slow, competitors increase, the question for all executives is ‘What steps should I take to ensure prosperity?’ Download eBook on Succeeding in Tough Markets

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Getting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Right

Selecting CRM Software requires due diligence and understanding of what functions you require. This eBook will assist you in this process. Download eBook on Getting CRM Right