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Putting CRM to Work to Drive Sales Results

No matter which brand of CRM software you purchase, the end goal must be to directly contribute to your businesses’ growth.

For years, CRM software was not seen as a necessity for companies. It was a tool for large scale teams, not SME businesses. Sales teams rebuked the idea of entering information about their customers. They disliked the accountability of having to declare their deals in play and how they were doing their role. Those salespeople, and their managers, came from an era of sales mystic and relationships. They were the wizards that performed roles that only those in the inner circle could do. Those people are now retiring, and the new guard of sales manager and salespeople are in place.

CRM Today

CRM is not just a sales tool anymore. It is an integrated tool with marketing capability allowing for marketing and sales alignment. Those early adopters of CRM are finding the restrictions of sales only software problematic. Over time the software has evolved into a system designed to support marketing and sales alignment.

Companies that have CRM software in place are looking to improve their performance. That can mean customisation or even swap out to a different provider. If you require assistance in CRM Implementation please reach out to us.

This eBook explains how CRM has become a powerful tool to support marketing and sales efforts. Download your copy now.