Getting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Right

man cusping group of icons showing customers in crm software

For many companies, it has become a ‘must-do’ that you must have CRM software and selecting the right on becomes an enigma to the business.

Like all technology decisions, there is more to selecting CRM software, and often bad decisions are made, not so much because of the actual software, but the processes that are applied to the selection.

Before you can select the software, you have to be clear about what business requirements you have for it. Often when I ask companies what purpose they have for wanting the software or why they selected what they had, the response typically is ‘for salespeople to put in notes on the customers and manage their diaries’. Some will add for managing pipeline where they provide proposals to customers in once off purchases. These reasons, although plausible are not enough.

If those are the only reasons you are moving to CRM software, then you may not understand the full functionality available to you or you are looking for a magic cure to a management problem. You will most likely fall victim to the first slick vendor presentation you see, and later find you have the wrong product. Moving out of a poorly chosen CRM software can be had problematic as moving into one.

You need to consider future use of the software. The ability to integrate marketing applications for campaigns being a primary consideration. The ability to send targeted email blasts or integrate marketing automation into your overall strategy are all important considerations. CRM can also be a great tool for managing customer complaints and queries giving you a full view of every customer and each departments communication with them.

This eBook assists you in understanding what you need to look for when choosing your CRM software functionality.