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How to Effectively Grow a Company Immediately

To grow a company immediately requires careful planning and management of that plan for any success to be achieved. The problem for most companies is the plan they embark on is not sufficiently detailed that it will support the growth. The plan is conceptual and spontaneously delivered with a general conception of where it is to head over the coming months and years.

Why is the plan not sufficiently detailed? Because people within a business make enormous assumptions based on their view of how they see the business and not how it would be seen by others. There is a lack of benchmarking to be a competitive company through the planned growth as there is an over reliance on the product and service and under estimate of the need for the systems, processes, management methodology and culture.

What we do know is that companies that experience exponential growth start with a growth capability review of their sales and marketing.

CEO/MDs often say that they have difficulty gaining satisfactory answers in the sales and marketing area of their business. They are often further frustrated by the sales and marketing organisation’s failure to deliver their strategy in a timely manner at or above planned revenue levels. Others discover a problem – sometimes a serious one – only after the consequences are apparent, and that can be as dire as losing major accounts, serious customer attrition or seeing sales numbers fall well behind forecast revenues. All this leads to frustration and the CEO/MDs are left with three unanswered questions:

  • Can our business grow?
  • How much can it grow now?
  • What do we need to do to make it happen?

When they look for the answers internally, the workings of the business unit are often presented to them as an art rather than a science. However that is not the case; it’s a myth from a bygone era. The business unit can and must operate like other areas of the company: with transparency, productivity and efficiencies, measurement and predictable outcomes.
You need hard evidence of the basis on which decisions are being made and transparency into the business unit that is deeper than mere financial reports. You need to monitor the factors generating the business’s financial output.
We provide CEO/MDs with hard evidence and answers to their questions about growth capability and what actions need to be taken. We look closely at the business and we review areas such as:
• strategy implementation methodologies
• sales and marketing structure
• customer alignment
• human capital processes and systems
• talent management and capabilities
• productivity and effectiveness
• cost efficiencies
• compensation
• culture
• measurement
and more.

We clearly define how to gain the transparency and improve the performance of the results being delivered, immediately. We establish the real growth capability of the company. We demonstrate the actions required to make that capability a reality and the time this will take, the result being a major breakthrough in revenue barriers and increasing sales revenue.

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