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Sales Focus Money Ball

The Methodology for Performance Improvement and Driving Growth in Sales Organisations

The challenge for companies today is having access to information and processes that assist in driving the right behaviors in sales forces that ultimately deliver growth. The traditional focus on output of revenue is fundamentally flawed with a reported 60% of salespeople failing to deliver sales goals. Companies often rely on their ‘A players’ to achieve results while average players continually fail to deliver. This carries a high risk and major cost base unnecessarily to companies. Successful companies have shifted their focus to the levers that deliver the results; where the revenue is derived from Sabermetrics meaning ‘infield activity’. This information is rarely captured by any known software system but is the most vital information to work with. Through the Sales Focus Money Ball system you can drive the performance of your team. Note: Sales Focus Money Ball is not software – it is a management methodology. Money Ball is a planning and management tool designed to:

For Executive Management:
  • Planning – improved sales goal setting enabling higher goals to be set
  • Transparency – a complete understanding of individual team performance
  • Measurement – a greater understanding of what is driving the revenue results for your company
  • Improved results – higher revenue achievement across all team members

For Salespeople:
  • A valuable planning tool – enabling teams to plan how to deliver over sales goal results each month, quarter and year
  • Smarter decisions – through the planning tool, teams are able to make more intelligent decisions about their customers, activities and focus in meetings
  • Increased performance – sales team members become more productive in the critical areas of productivity and effectiveness
  • Manages pipelines – pipelines can be validated for more reliable forecasts
  • Coaching – individual coaching and development needs are identified and easily addressed with situational coaching

Sales Focus Money ball is not a project, it becomes part of the culture of the company. Its guaranteed to increase your sales teams performance and results in 90-120 days.

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