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Breaking Through the Sales Revenue Barrier

Breaking Through Revenue Barrier Business Concept
A guide for CEOs that want to achieve growth and break through the sales revenue barrier

As companies grow, there are changing demands on how they operate, how they are managed, and what is required to effectively drive revenue to the next level.

The most common measure for describing and assessing a business is annual sales revenue. Plenty of business observers have identified sales revenue barriers that create significant challenges for businesses that are growing. Typically these occur at $10 million, $25 million, $50 million and $100 million. At each of those stages there are noticeable actions that place barriers impeding growth and creating frustration to CEOs and business owners.

The business landscape is littered with companies that have imploded from poorly planned growth and failing to put in place the right requirements at each level of sales revenue that become foundations to the future. Each level equally as difficult to pass through as the one prior.

CEOs Must Evolve as Your Company Becomes Larger

As businesses become larger, CEOs have to master a wider range of skills if they’re going to continue building top-line revenue and increase their profitability. The demands on leaders change along with their focus within the business operation. There are more issues to manage around strategy, finance, people, and process with expanding departments, increased headcount, suppliers, and customers.

The sales organisation is a key factor to growth for many companies; and one that can cause unnecessary disruption, disappointment, and frustration if the top line fails to meet, little own exceed expectations. Research shows this to be one of the on-going undermining factors but often the most neglected area of business.

For a CEO and their executive team, it’s about knowing what are the primary contributors to growth. When are they necessary and what should you demand to ensure forecasted growth over the year/s is delivered. A business that fails to break through the growth barriers is considered stagnating or a plateaued business. It drains profitability and negatively impacts people, strategy, and culture This eBook takes you through each of the growth phases, their common traits, and importantly the actions you need to take to ensure increased sales revenue.

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