The CEO Procrastination Sales Trap

As CEO, you are responsible for the delivery or strategy and revenue each year which forms part of a three or five year plan. Even at the commencement of the year, there is a sense of urgency for results to be occurring as it directly affects your cash flow.

As you move into the second quarter of this year, you start to question how your company is operating.

  • Why aren’t we hitting our goals?
  • Are we all on the same page with what is required?
  • Why can’t our people execute?

The answer is simple… procrastination. Procrastination is often associated with people not making decisions but it is actually much more.

This report uncovers the skills and behavioiurs of sales leaders and how they approach the need for change and sales improvement. It provides CEOs valuable insight to assist them in managing their sales organisation’ preparedness and ability to deliver sales improvement.

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