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Outsourced Interviewing

Mitigating the risk of poor sales hires

Hiring salespeople and sales managers is no easy task. The roles are difficult to interview as the candidates are crafted in conversing the right messages you want to hear, and some unknowingly express higher competencies in specific areas due to their limited training. The misalignment of capability and implementation undermining their performance delivery.

Companies, more often than not, make the decision on their network influence, likeability (gut feel), industry experience, and customer relationships – it all sounds good at the time of hiring. A poor sales hire can be a very costly decision to your profitability, brand reputation, team culture, customers, and employee respect within your company.

According to our research on hiring trends in 2018, 65% of new sales managers fail in the first 12 months of hire. 72% of salespeople fail to deliver sales goals in the first 24 months.

To avoid these concerning outcomes, companies rely on Sales Focus Advisory’s outsourced interviewing and assessment service providing a robust and objective assessment of candidates you are considering hiring through your own internal efforts. Our independent assessment identifies how the person will perform in your company and contribute to your growth goals.

You have access to the unprecedented experience of our CEO, Adele Crane, interviewing sales, and sales management personnel and identifying high performers that fit your business. Adele has written three books, headed the behavioural research of sales management and salespeople for the past 30 years. She has worked with more than 10,000 salespeople and their management.

What do we offer?

You will receive an objective assessment of your candidates based on the key requirements of the role through behavioural interviewing and benchmarking against capabilities that deliver high performance in sales.

  • You will receive our analysis of the most important behavioural competencies sales capabilities and operational processes required for success in the role, along with participating in a discussion on the culture, experience and mindset requirements.
  • Candidate Interviews are conducted via Zoom for Covid Safe. You can attend the meeting or it can be recorded for you to view at your convenience.
  • You will receive immediate verbal feedback on the candidate, followed by a written report on how the candidate has performed, giving you information to base your decisions for hiring.
  • We can organise psychometric testing if you require to understand a candidate’s aptitude assessment. This provides you with insight into their ability to lead, interact within a team, problem solve, work with numbers, and comprehend written information and reports.

Sales Focus Advisory will provide an overall summary of the candidate in relation to the role and their likely success in your role.

While our head office is located in Melbourne, we work with business owners across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. We can respond quickly to your requirements allowing your recruitment programme moving forward.

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Common Errors in Sales Hiring:

The Network Trap:

Often companies have a sense of comfort hiring through their network or referrals. Less rigour is applied to the recruitment process, and this is a popular shortcut method for salespeople to get in the door when they are not the best candidate. Network recommendations require equal vigour of the process to outside candidates. Our outsourced interviewing services will provide the independant report you require to validate your hire.

Urgency Dilemma:

Hiring any position is time-consuming, and often sales forces are pressured with the need to fill the role. Expediting the process often misses necessary steps or lacks sufficient depth in the process to ensure the right person is identified for your business. Our outsourced interviewing services will provide the independant report you require to validate your hire.

Unrealistic Expectations:

With the opportunity to improve the standard of the sales team, unrealistic expectations can be set for the new hire leading to dissatisfaction with their performance. Identifying the gap between expectations and capability is a critical part of the interviewing process. Independant interviewing measures the gap more clearly giving you a clear path forward of suitability and training requirements.