sales manager with customer Recruitment of Sales and Marketing Management

Unprecedented experience in the placement of producing sales and marketing executives

As Consulting Recruiters, we can assist you like no other traditional recruitment firm. We understand business demands and staff performance, and who will really contribute to your growth.

We believe in maximising the opportunity with each new placement to take your business forward by:

    • Reducing your cost of sales,
    • Improving team strength,
    • Accelerating growth, and
    • Reducing hiring time.

Our experience is unrivalled; since 1990, managing, developing, and hiring thousands of sales personnel and management across the world. Our CEO is renowned for delivering the highest number of 90-120 days sales turnarounds by any known consultant. We draw on that expertise and proprietary methodologies and processes when hiring for you.

Our Results:

  • Quality hire confirmed within four weeks
  • 96% of new hires remain employed after 12 months
  • We provide you with a 12-month guarantee* on placements, which comes from experience on getting it right!

Whether you are looking for your first sales manager, proactively preparing a planned turnover, in need of an interim manager due to an unplanned departure, or seeking a confidential replacement, we work with you to find the right individual/s that will deliver your required outcomes.

Partnering With You For a Successful Placement

Recruitment Guarantee

We provide you with peace of mind. We’re confident in our ability to find you the best management who will contribute to your culture and your company growth. We’re with you for the long haul and want to ensure you are completely happy with your new hire.  Our 3 month replacement guarantee – If our choice for your business fails to work out (within 3 months), we will quickly find you a suitable replacement, completely FREE of charge.

For 12 Month Executive Guarantee: Read more about our  Consulting Framework for a Successful Placements

Your reason for hiring?

Transform Your Sales Force

Secure a Sales Leader Who Can Drive Revenues & Culture Change

Execute Sales Expansions

Penetrate & Grow New Markets With a Sales Leader Who Has Done it Before

Build High Performance National Sales Team

Secure a Sales Leader Who Can Build Teams Across Geographical Boundaries Delivering Growth

Increase Marketing Performance

Hire Marketing Leadership Capable of Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy and Delivering ROI

Sales and Marketing Leaders We Recruit

  • Sales Directors
  • Chief Sales Officers
  • Director of Sales
  • General Manager – Sales
  • International Business Development Managers
  • National Sales Managers
  • Regional and State Sales Managers
  • Channel and Partner Sales Managers
  • Sales Operations
  • National Business Development Managers
  • Field Sales Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Head of Marketing and Strategy
  • Head of Marketing
  • General Manager – Marketing
  • National Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Managers
  • Content Marketing Managers

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