Sales Compensation and Sales Incentive Plans

Well designed plans drive performance and results with the right customer mix, and can lower your overall cost of customer acquisition. They define the focus, motivation, and performance of your sales organisation.

For many, sales compensation and incentives are either casual bonuses paid in good times or schemes that are increasingly complex and often fail to strike the right outcomes. For some the reward is a commission percentage on sales with no parameters in an attempt to push sales but in reality, costing companies’ excessive profit. For product companies, plans can be complex to measure, manage, and reward, with the negative effect of teams losing confidence and disengaging. Simplification and streamlining of incentive plans and measurements are critical for them to add value to your company and deliver measurable improvements. Compensation packages must be linked to the overall business strategy and define the quality of talent. In today’s market, your plans will underpin your company’s ability to attract top talent, motivate appropriate performance, and create an alignment with business imperatives. The mistake most often seen is people overpaying talent in an attempt to lure them over and the longer-term cost is unjustifiable.

Sales Focus Advisory Consulting-Compensation-Planning
Sales Focus Advisory assists companies determine sales compensation levels that align with their talent needs and relevant talent comparisons. We design sales incentive plans that align with your strategy, customer acquisition, and growth. We achieve measurable impacts on performance, efficiency, and risk management by designing sales compensation and sales incentive plans that serve the interests of directors, executives, and sales forces.

Let us assist you to shape your sales compensation and sales incentive plans to:

  • Improve top-line growth
  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Improve team performance
  • Accelerate growth & increase company valuation

To further discuss how you can drive more successful sales performance with your team, connect with us today.

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As CEO, you have a critical role in ensuring sales organisation effectiveness and the final responsibility for delivering top line earning growth, which in turn drives the share price that is so integral to many executive packages today. It is your responsibility to understand the dynamics of the business and ultimately communicate and drive the strategies that will profitably grow revenue.

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