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Australia's most credentialled
and experienced

Consulting Recruiter for sales and marketing

Leading Marketing & Sales Recruitment Agency finding you top-performers

Our Recruitment Process
Driving above-market sales growth requires a different type of sales recruiter: a sales recruitment partner who is experienced in what it takes to exceed sales targets and drive sales revenue improvement.

We work with the talent others can’t find.

As genuine Consulting Recruiters, we can assist you like no other traditional recruitment firm. Our experience is unrivalled; since 1990, managing, developing and hiring thousands of sales personnel, sales management, and marketing personnel across the world.

All our candidates are pre-qualified through our scientific Capability Mapping before you meet them.

What we do

Recruitment is more than just filling a vacancy in top-performing companies. They use our consulting recruiter services to:

  • Reducing their cost of sales adding more profit to the bottom-line,
  • Improving team strength creating a high performing competitive team,
  • Accelerating growth through acquisition of the right people, and
  • Reducing hiring time and staff turnover.

We work with you to improve your business performance when hiring.

How We Do It

icon for corporate objectives

Step 1: Understand Your Corporate Objectives and Market Alignment
By understanding your business and go-to-market strategies, sales model and culture, we can align our recruitment strategy with your business goals. We provide you feedback on the offering required to secure candidates in today’s competitive and candidate starved market.

icon for High-Performer Candidates

Step 2: Profile the Ideal High-Performer Candidates
We use our experience and knowledge of high performance sales and marketing organisations, to identify the critical abilities of an ideal high-performer candidate to be successful in your company’s role.

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Step 3: Targeted Headhunting and Search
We don’t rely on advertisements on job boards that employers can access themselves. We use our targeted search methodology to find hidden talent and those who have excelled in their roles; people capable of adding value to your company. 

icon for pre-interview assessment

Step 4: Pre-Interview Assessment & Interview Preparation
Every candidate is rigorously interviewed for their ability and suitability to your role and to identify their likelihood d of changing roles.  We  provide you with a well-qualified candidate. We prepare you for the interview based on the information we have uncovered.  You will receive a number of questions to explore further the capabilities specific to your role.

icon for Psychometric Testing

Step 5: Psychometric Testing
If required, we can arrange for Psychometric testing for final candidate/s providing you with a report that is relevant to your position description and tests for cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence abilities which are important for complex selling and managerial roles. You can engage with the psychometric tester in a 30-minute review of the report to answer your questions and understand how the person will perform in a team environment.

icon for interview preparation

Step 6: Offer Of Employment Employer – Employee Negotiation
We assist you with the Offer of Employment and negotiation phase that is now central to finalising candidates in today’s marketplace. We prepare for counteroffers and other tactics that are used by employers to retain their staff when job offers are extended to them.

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