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Sales Transformation – the catalyst to accelerating growth

Sales transformations become necessary when companies need accelerated revenue growth.

Companies fear looking at changes or improvements to their sales operations for a good reason; sales are the engine that drives revenue.

No matter how patched up or sputtering that engine may be, the mere thought of overhauling it fills CEOs and senior executives alike with dread. Companies will make ongoing, piecemeal repairs as long as they can in a vain attempt to keep revenue flowing. They will tolerate behaviour in the performance of sales and marketing that would not be accepted in other areas of the business.

For CEOs, there comes a point where changes or improvements must be made to these two areas of the business if growth is to continue. Every company requires to be transformed at least once in their lifecycle to remain relevant. The world is not static, and sales and marketing organisations cannot be allowed to stagnate and operate using now primitive thinking. The business units are the last frontier for CEOs to address in business improvement.

Typically, transformation initiatives will focus on the sales team and the sales process. Sales managers are reluctant to engage in transformations and opt for these safe options for improving sales. These have some minor impact on sales performance, but not sufficient to drive revenue growth.

To improve sales force performance demands a much deeper and thorough approach that looks at all the aspects that contribute to being a high performing team. In today’s world, marketing has an equal impact as sales on top-line performance. Sales leaders of the future understand the need for broader change but may not necessarily have the depth of experience required to lead change.

Fear of the unknown and the use of the wrong lens for viewing sales and marketing are the greatest barriers to overcome.

The first stop for any CEO or contemporary sales leader is to become empowered with the knowledge of how sales and marketing functions. Only then can he or she hope their company becomes competitive and delivers profitable growth in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Most of the information that people have been exposed to is presented by former middle managers of sales or marketing units. Such information is narrow in content and is focused on compensation, training, and ingenuous reporting. It does not meet today’s demands for successful transformation planning and implementation.

Sales Focus Advisory is a market leader in sales transformations

The shorter the time frame for the results to be delivered, the more an experienced transformation leader is necessary. Our track record of 90-120-day turnarounds is unprecedented. We have completed over 200 sales improvement reviews that became the catalyst for internally and externally driven sales transformations.

Our Sales Transformation Consulting methodology was developed by CEO Adele Crane, a culmination of knowledge and expertise in delivering profitable growth in her international consulting firm Sales Focus International. An implementation expert with 30 years international experience undergoing sales and marketing transformations.

Well documented in her books for CEOs to gain an understanding to start the journey to improvement. Today, working with only select clients driven for results. This unprecedented experience puts a new lens on how a successful transformation is achieved.

Adele is empowering CEOs to make the move and demand sales improvement and increased top-line performance. Those increases are achieved in a structured and managed sales transformation process that identifies the problems and implements solutions that have an immediate effect on the company.

To assist CEOs in understanding the methodologies and organisational standards required, they are outlined in her most recent book, The Sales Focus CEO: looking at business through a new lens. She provides insights into how CEOs should and must view their business’s sales and marketing functions to deliver profitable revenue.

Lean Sales & Marketing Process Model

The process model drives S&M performance, and if one or more element is not operating effectively, then the root causes need to be identified and addressed for it to improve. It is about applying the right analytics to uncover the root causes then taking informed and necessary action for improvement. You can utilise lean principles and techniques to develop a sales and marketing performance improvement plan. Lean processes provide continuous improvement. It can remove under or overburdening, waste and bottlenecks while improving process flow. Importantly it can identify continual cost savings.

Lean is more related to the analytical capabilities of S&M management than exploiting the full disciplines of lean thinking. There are similarities but without saturation. Companies seeking to improve performance will find that adopting a lean approach offers them an effective and appropriate set of tools and techniques to assist in realising their goals.

If you are looking advancing the disciplines of sales and marketing with the intention of reducing your cost of sales and increasing revenue, please reach out to our office or telephone 1 800 699 997 for a discussion on your specific situation.

If you have set your goals and are determined to have your organisation improve and deliver greater sales and marketing performance, higher revenue, and improved profitnow is the time to contact our CEO, Adele Crane, or telephone 1 800 699 997 for a confidential discussion of your businesses specific requirements.

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