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Smart Sales Analytics For Growth

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The challenge for companies today is having access to information and processes that assist in driving the right behaviours in sales forces that ultimately deliver growth. The sad fact is that only a small number of companies achieve what they planned in revenue in any given year; the ability to deliver over-sales goals results consistently eludes them. They lack the smart sales analytics they need to make timely informed decisions that drive the right behaviours.

The traditional approaches to management do not support the modern sales team. Many sales teams are not skilled or experienced in delivering sales goals, even when they have been in sales for many years. Companies have become accustomed to their customer’s growth to pull them along rather than taking control and driving forward to planned outcomes.

Management programmes bestow the virtues of measurement. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it” and therefore, you cannot expect results. Although the statement is very true, it does not give you the full picture of how to deliver results.

Beyond management programmes, there are many sources that detail what metrics are required to be measured, with a plethora of CRM systems boasting their reporting capability. A quick cruise around on Google will produce additional suggestions, further muddying the waters. Some speak of time spent selling through to marketing collateral usage. Others, opportunity win rates and average deal sizes. All of these have some value, but still, the most important ingredient of all is missing.

Delivering growth is not just about what you measure. That is only half the story. The other half is about how smart your salespeople become through the planning process and understanding the behaviours required. Before measurement has any effect on the sales results, planning is the most important component. Without the right sales tools, management is unable to link planning and execution together.

Successful companies have shifted their focus to the levers that deliver the results, where the revenue is derived from ‘sabermetrics’, meaning ‘in-field activity’. This is where the ‘smart’ is derived. Interestingly, this information is rarely captured by any known software system but is the most vital information that your sales teams should be working with.

With the development of sales planning and measurement systems combined, Sales Focus Money Ball™ is the planning and measurement methodology enabling teams to plan how to deliver over-sales goal results each month, quarter, and year through smart sales analytics.

Sales Focus Money Ball™ allows salespeople to think smarter, perform, manage, and receive guidance, by:

  • Smarter decisions – through the planning tool, teams are able to make more intelligent decisions about their customers, and activities and focus on meetings
  • Increased performance – sales team members become more productive in the critical areas of productivity and effectiveness
  • Manages pipelines – pipelines can be validated for more reliable forecasts
  • Coaching – individual coaching and development needs are identified and easily addressed with situational coaching

For Executive Management:

  • Planning – improved sales goal setting, enabling higher goals to be set
  • Transparency – a complete understanding of individual team performance
  • Measurement – a greater understanding of what is driving the revenue results for your company
  • Improved results – higher revenue achievement across all team members

With over two decades of experience in delivering unprecedented growth in companies, Sales Focus has developed a proprietary methodology referred to as Sales Focus Money Ball™. It is not software but rather a methodology with tools for planning and measurement using smart sales analytics. Sales Focus Money Ball™ is not a project, it becomes part of the culture of the company.

Download an information book here.

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For further enquiries on how to drive growth in your business through Sales Focus Money Ball™, please contact our office.

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