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Consulting Framework for a Successful Placement

A 12-month guarantee on placements comes from experience on getting it right!

Achieving a successful placement is often not easy. The recruiting landscape has shifted, with proven sales and marketing leaders now in control of the narrative. Why, because the number of quality candidates continues to diminish, and the number of mediocre candidates rises as people’s careers mature and economic markets shift. Top talent can now set demands that may not align with your business expectations. Some, in fact, can be disruptive to your business.

CEOs are often challenged when hiring sales and marketing leaders due to a lack of deep knowledge of the skill and role requirements, limited experience in hiring these positions, and moreover a sense of nervousness hiring this high visibility new person.

We assist you with a robust and proven consulting framework to alleviate the risk to you and your company and achieve a successful placement. In fact, we wrote the standards that many companies now operate across the globe through our highly acclaimed books. We operate a fixed fee service demonstrating our dedication to finding the right person for you, for the best value in the market.

Our consulting framework will:
  • Conduct a targeted review of your business to understand your business strategy, successes and challenges, operational requirements and standards, and other key elements that contribute to the successful selection and on-boarding of a new hire.
  • Understand the culture and skills of the downline reporting to the new incumbent.
  • Complete an assessment of the culture of the company and the people working inside.
  • Develop position descriptions and hiring profile to support.
  • Advise on compensation packages to attract the right candidate.
  • Provide guidance on interviewing techniques to fully understand the candidate’s skills.
  • Guide you through the hiring process.
  • Provide on-boarding guidance and assistance if required.
  • Provide on-going support providing detailed feedback, proactively managing the relationship, and deliverables.

We work with you to ensure a successful placement.

Please reach out to us for a confidential discussion about your specific situation.