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Adele Crane

Adele is a CEO speaker

2020 – Top 100
Australian Professionals

An Introduction to Adele Crane

Chief Executive Officer

Adele Crane is a leading and highly respected international business consultant with over 30 years of experience working in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Her expertise in leading change and growth is widely relied upon, and she is considered a thought leader.

Adele’s experience in sales and digital marketing, with a focus on lead generation, provides her with the capability to align marketing and sales, the knowledge that very few consultants have deep experience in delivering. This provides a complete view of all requirements to drive growth.

Adele’s consultancy work, through cultural change, sales transformations and development of high-performance teams, has produced results for hundreds of organisations in many different industries. She is arguably one of the most experienced experts in this field in the world today.

Adele’s success has received recognition in major media forums across the world, and in her keynote speaking, she shared the stage with some of the most recognised and successful CEOs and business thought leaders.

She has conducted more than two hundred in-depth business reviews and developed plans that have assisted companies to achieve tens of millions of dollars of top-line revenue and above- industry-standard profits. Her sales leadership capability has been demonstrated many times over. She has personally delivered profitable revenue improvement across many industries in 90 to 120 days, with sustainable growth achievements in excess of 40 per cent in each company serviced, and has delivered more successful turnarounds in the past decade than any other known consultant.

Adele is renowned for her extraordinary diagnostics of businesses and her ability to provide candid and in-depth knowledge that assists companies in realising their revenue improvement. Senior executives seek Adele’s analytical capabilities when they are looking to transform their sales and/or marketing organisations by establishing the right priorities for their projects with her keen eye on both top-line and bottom-line profitability.

Adele’s depth of knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing organisations make her one of the foremost authorities in this field.

Adele was the founder and head consultant of Sales Focus International, operating in 5 countries for 26 years. The company was divested in 2015, and she now focuses on delivering results for select clients in the APAC region.

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As an Author

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