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Industries we have worked with

located across Asia Pacific Region and North America

Information Technology

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Information Technology




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Sales Focus Advisory has extensive experience in different industries providing you with a depth of experience and knowledge rarely seen in consulting.

Here is just a sample of industries and product profiles she has worked with.

Accountants, accounting software, agricultural equipment, air-conditioning, antenna manufacturers, architects, automotive suppliers, automation equipment, banks, bedding, boating, builders, cabinet makers, CAD design, capital equipment, car sound, catering supplies, catering services, chemicals, cleaning – corporate, clothing wholesalers, CMC equipment, computer hardware and software resellers, commodity traders, construction equipment, conference centres, control systems, cosmetics, corporate clothing, detection equipment,

Electricians, electronic equipment and manufacturing, elevation equipment, engineers, envelope manufacturers, equipment supply, exhibitions, earthmoving, exporters, fibreglass, financial services, flooring suppliers, FMCG, foundries, freight forwarders, furniture wholesalers and manufacturers, GIS,

Hairdressing equipment, hairdressing suppliers, hardware suppliers, herbalists products, home renovation products, importers, information management, instruments, insurance, jewellery, leather, make-up, mapping software, medical suppliers, medical equipment, mobile phones, natural products, network designers,

Office supplies, oil distributors, outdoor sports, paper suppliers, pharmaceutical products, photographers suppliers, picture framer suppliers, plumbing suppliers, pneumatic equipment, production line equipment, process control systems, printers, project software, publishers, racing supplies, radio systems, real estate, recruitment, removalist services, rural brokers, scientific equipment, scaffolding, scuba diving, seating, sign writing suppliers, skin care, software resellers, software developers, solar energy, solicitors, souvenir suppliers, surveyors,

Technical equipment and products, telecommunications, telephone systems, testing equipment, textiles, timber wholesalers, valve suppliers, veterinary equipment suppliers, VOIP providers, water treatment equipment, wardrobe manufacturers, web-based products, window manufacturers, wineries, …..and the list continues

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Some clients we have provided consulting or recruitment services
for sales and marketing leadership and team members