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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation develops high-quality sales-ready leads

business concept of marketing automation

It is the ideal marketing strategy to align with the modern B2B buyer process and build customer relationships through lead nurturing in readiness for your sales team. We use marketing automation to extend the conversation with your target customers.

Selling B2B products and services is typically more complex and expensive, with longer sales cycles. Trust and knowledge are high priorities in the selection process. Marketing automation is the optimum method of informing and educating potential buyers, building their confidence that your company has the solution and to connect with you. With the correct alignment of marketing and sales, the process creates sales-ready leads.

Successful marketing automation is about aligning your marketing communications to the stages of the buyer’s journey. It has the ability to be customised to different flows of information based on interactions and what is most important to the buyer at each step of their process. With marketing automation tools and technology, you can determine exactly when to pro-actively contact them at the right time

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a combination of tactics including search marketing and social media to create customised customer experiences utilising landing pages, web forms, email marketing for lead nurturing, and tracking buyer behaviour.

Through marketing automation software, we can design bespoke marketing campaigns that contain relevant information to support educating the target customer and building value in your offer. There is no need to engage IT departments, as we manage the software, and there is no need to purchase a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation is an excellent method of lead generation for companies.

Sales Focus Advisory marketing automation solution includes:

With our extensive experience in sales and marketing, we understand the alignment required to create sales-ready leads. Through our marketing strategy development and understanding of your prospects and customer’s buying process, we develop bespoke marketing campaigns that include:

  • Targeted Campaigns for New Prospect Generation: using a number of tactics, we draw people to your business website and engage them in the initial contact.
  • Existing Customer Development: We can design campaigns using your customer data lists through segmentation for optimal targeting and creating up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Website: We design landing pages on your website that are optimised to convert prospects that are ready to buy and capture more information from those that are not.
  • Content Management: We design and write the content for marketing automation flow to engage the audience and position your business as a thought leader that provides valuable information.
  • Sales-Readiness Scoring: We set up lead scoring to rate your potential buyer’s progress and their perceived readiness to purchase before leads are passed on to the sales team or specialist.
  • Measurement and Analytics: Performance measurement is imperative to have insight into the behaviour of your potential buyers from awareness to consideration and purchase. The marketing analytics also assist in further tailoring and making improvements to the effectiveness of the campaign.

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