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Website optimisation – when lead generation is your priority

The Impact of Website Optimisation

Having a website is one thing, but if it is not efficiently optimised, you will not get the traffic you need and will be missing on vital conversion rates undermining your lead generation, and marketing results.

B2B websites are now central to all digital marketing efforts and a high performing site is a priority. A site that works across mobile devices as well as desktop. For B2B companies, online visibility is pivotal to your brand or business, and are where most decisions are made by prospective buyers. In an overcrowded space that is constantly changing, best practices and tactics must be continually applied and improved to keep your business visible online.

Search Engine Optimisation

B2B Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) website optimisation is about putting your website to work. To inform, educate, and generate leads. To understand your position against competitors and to rank higher in the view of Google and optimally appear on the front page as a market leader in search.

With more than 85% of smartphone users using a search engine each day, keeping in front of your target audience is a high priority for any marketing strategy. As the well-known adage says:

Not showing up on search engines is like not opening the doors of your business — it really is the first step in making a sale and finding new customers. Ensure your customers can find you when they are looking for your category.

B2B buyers engage in more research and selection online before contacting a potential supplier. They resist engaging with salespeople until they are confident you have a solution for their identified problems. Websites need to work hard in this new business climate if you are to remain relevant in your industry in the view of buyers. You need to create the right user experience.

B2B buyers can be 55% into their buying process before viewing your website and up to 80% of the way through decision-making before reaching out to you, according to recent Sales Focus Advisory research into buyer behaviour.

As B2b digital marketing specialists, we fully understand the unique requirements of business marketing and implement these into each campaign that we run.

  • B2B buyers engage with multiple decision-makers within their company
  • B2B products and services are typically more complex and expensive. Trust and knowledge are high priorities in the selection process.
  • B2B sales cycle is longer requiring engagement beyond the first site visit

B2B buyers are research-driven and require nurturing through the buying process. Once they initially find you, they will return to your website several times seeking answers to questions, the information they can share with other decision-makers as they evaluate their solution options. SEO for that reason requires careful strategy and planning to align to your buyer’s process.

We safeguard your brand using only White Hat Strategies

In this digital age, working with an SEO agency is important to stay ahead of your competitors. It requires daily attention and continual review that it is performing to strategy. The use of relevant keywords, content optimisation, and other tactics to increase your visibility to the right customers is critical.

Combined with other digital marketing tactics aligned with your strategy, excellent results can be achieved. SEO is an investment. It takes time and there is no quick fix to ranking. The time you invest is the return you get back from it.

We do not use black hat strategies or cut corners. We don’t fill your site with irrelevant backlinks to gain quick results or create doorway sites, spamming, and other quick result tactics. Many companies suffer from these promises of quick results in SEO leaving them penalised by Google and in extreme cases removed from the web.

Sales Focus Advisory only use professional and Google approved tactics keeping your site in white hat practices. We safeguard your brand.

Individualisation of your Marketing Strategy

Every business is different as is every website. We do not apply cookie-cutter solutions. We understand your strategy, market, and target customers and optimise your website to work for you and maximise its performance.

Competitor Analysis

We provide competitor analysis so you can see where you are ranking against competitors, what customers are interested in and identify content that needs to be updated or improved to increase your website performance.

Comprehensive Reporting

We keep you informed with a detailed report of all ranking improvements, monthly traffic, and work completed every month. Importantly we track and report on website conversions.

How does SEO Work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the continuous process of improving organic rankings on search engines and optimising your website to increase the quality and quantity of visitors (and more importantly leads). Search engine algorithms prioritise relevant and authoritative sites, and SEO is structuring your website to meet those requirements.

This means keyword research, search volume, and search terms play a major role in your SEO strategy to reach your target audience. You need to minimise bounce rates and ensure visitors go to relevant and engaging landing pages. If you have blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy, these importantly need to meet SEO standards.

How cost-effective is SEO?

SEO is a slower process and considered a long-term investment. If well-managed it should start to bring results after a few months which builds up over time to deliver ROI. If you seek immediate results we recommend a hybrid approach with our Google B2B AdWords & PPC service.

Talk with us today about your business growth expectations and how digital lead generation services can support you achieve them. Connect with us via email or  Telephone 1800 699 997

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