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CEOs and Business Owners turn to
Sales Focus Advisory

when experience matters and
results are imperative.

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Consulting Services

Delivering consulting services for companies with revenues from $15 million to $100 million and in many cases whose founder remains a director today. Companies that have achieved success but are looking to break through to the barrier to the next level of growth.

Working directly with CEOs and business owners, we understand their challenges of timely strategy implementation and sales goals failing to be delivered. The short to longer-term effects on the company and recovery action required.

Importantly, Sales Focus Advisory understands the difference in culture and management requirements of privately-owned companies and the demands on sales and marketing management that differs from large corporations.

Client companies have varying levels of maturity. Some are in early-stage rapid growth cycles. Others are mature and looking for expansion through new markets and new products. Some trade with single-country sales forces whilst others have taken steps to expand offshore. Their products have a technical component requiring some skill in product knowledge, and their customer audience is business-to-business selling.

With a specific focus since 1990, Adele Crane, CEO, has developed extensive experience and knowledge, processes, and systems for best practice and benchmarks for sales and marketing organisations. Working with traditional and contemporary marketing practices can provide the necessary connection between marketing and sales for today’s competitive marketplace.

Many of our clients seek confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of the work done and their private holding.

Should you wish to discuss how Sales Focus Advisory can assist you and your company, please click the button below.