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Email Marketing

B2B Email marketing is a highly effective strategy

business concept of email marketing

The optimum email marketing is when you received an email that was so good, not only did you read it, but you clicked it and shared it with your colleagues.

B2B Email marketing is effective in assisting your businesses growth by:

  • Increasing your sales pipeline velocity with quality new leads
  • Developing cross/up-selling opportunities with existing customers
  • Nurturing prospective targets and current customers to cultivate them as sales-ready
  • Following-up on stalled prospects and lapsed customers
  • Cleansing your database while simultaneously generating quality new sales leads

A core function of digital marketing strategies is email marketing. Your ability to communicate directly with pre-qualified prospective buyers, to nurture their interest and generate sales-ready quality leads. To be positioned to open a sales conversation with them that is credible, engaging, and provides value while further developing their need for your products and services.

B2B Email marketing is not about gimmicks and promotions and discounted products usually associated with consumer selling (B2C). It is about educating pre-qualified prospective buyers and being shortlisted as a potential supplier to investigate further. A sales-ready lead.

A B2B email marketing strategy can increase engagement, leads, conversions, and ultimately profit.

A quality email list is an asset that can increase awareness, drive sales, and increase loyalty. You can create campaigns with one or a combination of the following approaches:

  • A single direct EDM Campaign – with a targeted message designed to engage the recipient and encourage them to take action. It requires a strong, clear message combined with well-written copy and call-to-action. These work best to cut through the inbox clutter and stand out from the many other messages. They can be enhanced with a telemarketing campaign to increase awareness and response rates.
  • A multiple contact EDM Campaign– ideal for those B2B companies with longer sales cycles and you who have complex information to communicate to assist them purchase. These are a series of emails designed to educate prospects about your brand, products or services and gradually build a relationship with them using marketing automation software. Marketing automation is great for preparing sales-ready leads for sales teams.
  • A re-engagement EDM Campaign can be a great way to stay in touch with lapsed customers. Re-engaging customers who have stopped opening or clicking on your email campaigns is an important part of all good quality email marketing lists as having non-engaged email addresses on your send list can have a negative impact on your deliverability.

Our marketing strategy will uncover the best approaches to maximise results from email campaigns.

How do we achieve sales-ready leads through an email marketing strategy?

By understanding your business and your target buyer’s motivations and buying process, we tailor email engagement that guides them along with their purchasing decision processes. We calibrate the campaigns as different industries have longer or shorter timelines for decision-making. Understanding their buying cycle is vital to successful campaigns.

Developing our knowledge of your business, we establish communications that not only engage but establish trust and credibility as a preferred supplier. We prepare them ready to have conversations with salespeople or specialists in your business.

What if we don’t have a good email list at this time?

A pre-qualified contact list of email addresses is an integral part of email marketing. We assist companies to develop or expand their email marketing lists that are segmented for pre-qualification. We can also cleanse lists if they have not been updated for some time.

We work with numerous different email marketing tools and software platforms to assist you to activate your B2B email marketing campaign. You may have the software installed or we can guide you on suitable platform options. We can manage email marketing directly for you removing the need for your IT department’s involvement.

Email marketing is one of the most effective market tactics you can use when managed correctly.

Email marketing can improve awareness and engagement with your business by adding value to their engagement with you. Following a robust step-by-step process, we design the email with specific emphasis targeted emails with a strong subject line, email content, and call to action. We achieve this by sharing different types of emails with valuable content assets such as blog posts, eBooks, white papers, case studies, newsletters, and other newsworthy information with target prospects and potential customers.

We co-ordinate the whole email marketing campaign process for you. From segmenting marketing lists to eDM design, writing content, creation of assets, and landing pages through to launching campaigns timely.

After sending emails for each campaign we can provide you with customised reports, identifying the effectiveness of campaigns via click-through rates, open rates, leads generated, and ROI for marketing.

Sales Focus Advisory marketing strategies will identify the right campaigns that will best support the achievement of your marketing goals and lead generation.

We can act as an extension of your in-house marketing capabilities or provide full-email marketing support services.

Talk with us today about your business growth expectations and how digital lead generation services can support you achieve them. Connect with us via email or  Telephone 1800 699 997

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