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Implementing CRM systems that supports sales and marketing efforts

CRM Implementation Specialists for Marketing and Sales

CRM implementation can be difficult for sales and marketing teams, particularly if they are reluctant adopters of the system.

Today, CRM must serve two areas of the business being marketing and sales. With the increasing need for marketing-generated leads, the CRM must support both the business unit’s needs. The CRM must provide a single view of each customer and their experience with the company.

As CRM specialists, we can assist you in fully customising the software to support your business demands of CRM marketing and the sales process. Through our extensive experience in transformation projects, we can achieve a high level of adoption with your team.

Sales departments require more than just pipeline management in their CRM systems. They need to utilise the task and customer management to manage multiple customer demands at once. Marketing departments required marketing specialists who can conduct email marketing and other campaigns to support the sales efforts of lead generation. Customer care departments may also have demands on the CRM that must be included in the design.

As CRM specialists in design and implementation, there are three contributors to successful implementation.

  1. Design can be a challenge for companies from the outset, with a design not suitably customised to your specific business sales and marketing requirements. The out-of-the-box industry customisation or sales methodology often does not meet your company’s requirements delivering reports of little value. The design must include your current business requirements and the future requirements of where the teams should be evolving to gain the most value and team uptake.

  2. Implementation is often reported as being challenging and can stall due to having too many owners involved, software constraints, or a lack of planning for the overall requirements. This is often caused by hasty implementation and a lack of understanding of the business requirements from the get-go. If you have a lack of implementation experience, many challenging factors can arise during the process that create a less-than-ideal outcome and can delay the process unnecessarily.

  3. Adoption is a significant barrier to gaining value from the investment of a CRM. Marketing will typically engage more readily as the system will automatically record the activities. Sales, however, must make an effort to enter notes after each activity. Your company can experience low adoption rates for a variety of reasons, including unnecessary complexity, usability, and access issues, poor reporting, manual data entry, and poor transformation management.

For many salespeople, transparency can be confronting and create cultural barriers across the team. A low rate of adoption is a common problem that devalues any investment in CRM for both sales and marketing.

When implementing CRM, our experience in the design, implementation, and management of transformations provides you with a resource with deep domain knowledge and expertise. We consider the ownership, contributors, and users of the system to create a simple, effective, and more predictive system that supports the business-required outcomes. A system that provides valuable insights for management and team members and protects customer relationship knowledge, building value for the company.

Our consulting services and project management assist companies in achieving
a high level of adoption across the team through:
  • Reviewing your existing system (or intended system) and make recommendations on design and customisation to your specific business;
  • Conduct data analysis and ensure clean accurate records are uploaded to the system;
  • Establish customisation processes to ensure the system is implemented correctly;
  • CRM configuration for most software platforms;
  • Establish relevant user training disciplines and standards;
  • Develop adoption processes to achieve a high level of engagement.

After completing the CRM Implementation process, your management team will have better visibility into sales opportunity tracking, quality of performance, adoption levels, and use of the sales process and the viability of opportunities. There will be a smooth flow of information from marketing to sales tracking lead generation and outcomes.

At the representative level, we’ll create a simple tracking system and valuable tools to assist them in working their territory effectively, prioritise, and allocate their time, and drive improved outcomes per effort.

To further discuss how you can drive more successful customisation and implementation using a CRM Implementation Specialist, connect with us today.

NOTE: Our consultancy is not aligned with any specific CRM software. We have worked with most brands and can deliver services with the most popular brands.

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