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B2B marketing strategies to accelerate your growth

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The B2B marketing strategy is the foundation of connecting B2B companies with potential customers and target audience. We align your business with the modern customer buying process enabling your strategy to expedite growth and be a catalyst to new business development.

Lead Generation focused digital marketing strategies can assist your businesses growth by:
  • Increasing your sales pipeline velocity with qualified leads
  • Developing cross/up-selling opportunities with existing customers
  • Nurturing prospective targets and current customers to cultivate them as sales-ready
  • Following-up on stalled prospects and lapsed customers
  • Cleansing your database while simultaneously generating quality new sales-ready leads


Importantly, the marketing efforts fit your sales plan and support sales efforts to deliver sales goals. A well-designed plan can transform the quality of leads and prospects for your business. We have been on the cutting edge of new marketing disciplines as they emerge. Through our extensive market research and continual work to align marketing and sales, we have a unique insight into what is required to support sales with lead generation. Through the Sales Focus Advisory proprietary review process, we work with business owners to:

  • Understand your business strategy, sales plan, and sales goals
  • Understand your products and services and its unique offerings
  • Profile your ideal target prospect and your specific B2B buyer motivations and the buyer’s journey
  • Review your existing marketing activities and goals
  • Develop a communication plan to reach those prospects effectively
  • Manage the implementation of the communication plan
  • Align the sales activities and sales process to maximise the results of leads generated
  • Install measurements to ensure the effectiveness of marketing activities and ROI.

We specialise in aligning marketing and sales, bringing increased performance and ROI on your marketing spend for marketing success. The marketing plan can combine campaign tactics creating brand awareness and generating leads through effective B2B tactics like:

We understand B2B leads are the basis of creating the right conversations for your sales team and increasing your sales funnel volume and conversion rate. Our highly acclaimed book, The Sales Focused CEO, sets out the value companies gain from marketing and sales alignment.

With three decades of experience in both B2B sales and marketing, along with growing businesses across many industries in several countries, we are best placed to guide your business to ensure top-line growth.

We can work with your existing marketing team to deliver the marketing strategy or provide support services in contributing tactics to deliver your results.

Talk with us today about your business growth expectations and how digital lead generation services can support you achieve them. Connect with us via email or  Telephone 1800 699 997

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