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Is Your Business Suffering and You Need to Increase Sales?

There is never a good time to implement an improvement programme with all the actions occurring in the business. However, if your top line is not delivering and your costs are escalating, then a delayed decision can be harmful to your business in the short, mid, and long term.

Here is a quick checklist to assist you to determine if you should implement a sales growth programme to increase sales now.

These are the most common reasons business leaders act with urgency.

  • Inconsistent revenue performance (i.e., make it, miss it, make it, miss it)
  • Revenue growth expectations recently increased.
  • Profitability is decreasing.
  • Unreliable pipeline/forecast reporting.
  • Recent revenue growth has been disappointing.
  • Certain type of growth has become very valuable and requires focus.
  • Failed new product introductions.
  • New competitors are disrupting the industry structure.
  • Traditional routes to market losing their effectiveness.
  • Customer acquisition costs are too high.
  • Customer lifetime values are too low.

If you have one of these problems, then your business is distressed. If you have multiple of these points, then Intervention is required to return to delivering growth.

How CEOs & Business Owners Can Increase Sales Results
and Exceed Sales Goals

The Sales Focus Growth Programme will deliver results for your company. Delivered through a series
of customised in-house workshops and implementation exercises, the programme guides your
company’s leadership team to deliver sustainable, profitable growth.


about the Sales Focus Growth Programme and find out if the programme is for you.