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Sales Focus Growth Programme

business concept for exceed sales goals
The overall benefit of the Sales Focus Growth Programme is that it develops how your company can deliver growth, consistently. It does this by establishing the company in a winning position against your competitors through internal and external changes. Grounded in best practice, the alignment of strategy to your products, markets, combined with the right efforts, timely, applied by sales and marketing it provides a permanent base for growth.

Each company is different and gains different benefits within the overall process.

Some of those micro benefits you can gain are:

  • A more predictable revenue forecast and prepares the company to address any challenges timely, responsively, and immediately shift the business to a competitive position. The company has the transparency to make better decisions incrementally removing the rise and fall of sales results each quarter/year.
  • Improved alignment to the customers buying processes and segmentation of the customer base, in several different ways, creating a stronger tailored buying proposition according to their authority and buying process.
  • Developing and/or refining your compelling brand difference to increase your competitiveness.
  • Execution of flawless marketing campaigns that generate sales leads and opportunities while reducing costs associated with lead generation.
  • Increasing revenue produced by each salesperson and minimum order values.
  • Optimisation of sales territories, sales quota/goals and compensation packages including commissions schemes.
  • Aligning of sales and marketing to minimise the chasm of lost opportunity and unnecessary cost escalation.
  • You may uncover hidden growth opportunities.
  • Improving your go-to-market capability for new products gaining a fast ROI on the investment.

A robust methodology enabling leadership to make timely critical decisions keeping the business delivering growth.

Download your copy today and learn more about the programme and if it will deliver results for your company.