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Remarketing increases conversions
on your website

business concept for remarketing
Remarketing is an essential element of marketing in today’s world. It builds a brand profile and increases the confidence of potential customers.

B2B buyers search for suppliers or people to solve their problems well before you are aware they are even in the market. They often seek answers to their questions, taking them on a journey of discovery. Their first contact with you may be a low priority for them. Still, over time the issue increases; their knowledge of the problem grows, accumulating to it becoming a high priority for the company.

Staying connected with people who visit your website is an important part of your retargeting and remarketing strategy. Research shows that, on average, it can take 5 to 7 times for people to remember your brand. It is important to keep your brand out there, so people recognise it, and remarketing provides a very focused method of achieving this. The more times they view your brand, the more likely they will re-engage with your website and company.

Remarketing can be delivered through several mediums. Marketing automation is a personal branding opportunity, whereas social media provides opportunities across multiple platforms. Incognito visitors to your website can be reconnected with through remarketing, building their confidence to connect with you.

Remarketing is cost-effective and can increase the conversion of site visitors to leads by over 350 percent.

Understanding the buyer journey

Through our research in the development of the marketing strategy, remarketing campaigns can be designed to synchronise with the buyer behaviour and sales cycle of your product and services.

As B2b digital marketing specialists, we fully understand the unique requirements of business marketing and implement remarketing strategies into each campaign that we run. We understand:

  • B2B buyers engage with multiple decision-makers within their company
  • B2B products and services are typically more complex and expensive. Trust and knowledge are high priorities in the selection process.
  • B2B sales cycle is longer, requiring engagement beyond the first site visit

B2B buyers are research-driven and require nurturing through the buying process. Once they initially find you, they will return to your website several times, seeking answers to questions, the information they can share with other decision-makers as they evaluate their solution options.

Companies benefit from remarketing to B2B buyers and brand reinforcement.

What are Remarketing advertisements?

Remarketing is text or image advertisements managed by Google and triggered by website visitors. When someone does a google search and visits your website, they will be shown Google AdWords ads and organic (SEO) results. When people click on those searches, through to your product pages or landing pages, it creates the opportunity to remarket to people who visited.

Your remarketing campaign can show your ads across the Google Display Network. You can also install triggers within your website and extend retargeting ads to target people through Facebook Ads and its related platforms.

The goal of remarketing is to create engagement and gather email addresses and increase conversion rates of website visitors.

Remarketing compliments marketing strategies where the sales process is complex and takes time to complete and serves as the perfect reminder of your brand. Furthermore, when someone has already been on your website, they are more likely to click on another advertisement for your business when they see it.

Remarketing gives your business another chance to connect with your potential customer by bringing them back to your website.

Lead Stimulators
In all marketing, there are times when offers can stimulate buyers to connect with you, and B2B marketing is no different. When a potential customer has visited your site, you can stimulate action to re-engage them by seeking further information as part of their journey. That stimulation is entirely dependent on your business and buyer requirements.

Stimulators can be complimentary timed consultation, how-to guides, technical product sheets, reviews as examples. The marketing strategy process would uncover the potential stimulators for your specific business.

By offering Stimulators, you can build a more loyal audience, and in turn, build quality leads for your business. If they don’t take up the offer, this is not to say they will not come back to you in another way as you nurture their buying process.

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