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Customer Service

What is a Net Promoter Score, and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Did you know that 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor because of poor customer experience? Measuring customer experience and loyalty can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Most businesses don’t have a good

concept of business person walking past signage of productivity tools
Technology for Sales

Top 15 Productivity Tools for Hybrid Work Environments

You will want to read this if you want to be more productive. We have compiled a list of the top fifteen productivity tools for hybrid work environments. These tools will assist you to get more done in less time,

person checking social media employee review
Technology for Marketing

Why HR Must Manage and Improve Your Brand on Employee Review Sites

Today’s sales candidates are super savvy and have already done their research before applying for a role. The sales community are experienced researchers as part of their role as a salesperson. They know how to approach the research and when

Technology for Marketing

Agile Businesses Now Hire a Chief Revenue Officer

You may ask yourself, what is a Chief Revenue Officer [CRO] and what exactly do they do? You see the title popping up everywhere, but it can be hard to know where they fit into the company. Are they related

Technology for Marketing

Do You Need a Sales Enablement Strategy?

One of the great challenges of sales teams is having team members produce results consistently. In most sales teams, companies will experience only 20% of the team producing and often carrying the weight of the underperformers. For senior executives and

young salesperson shakes hands with her potential new boss
Sales Recruitment Articles

Hiring Competent Salespeople to Grow your Business

A business is only as good as its employees, and salespeople can make or break any business. You can have the best product or service, but it will not matter when a salesperson is a bridge between you and acquiring

Technology for Marketing

Seven Key Priorities for CEOs With a Short Runway for Growth

As a CEO or business owner, you may be faced with the challenge of delivering planned growth, but as the year progresses, you are confronted with a short runway for growth to be achieved. How do you address the problem?

HR Management Articles

What is Creating a Sales Talent Shortage and How to Solve It

Do you have vacancies for Sales Management and Sales Team members and struggling to fill them? Is there a sales talent shortage, or has the game changed, and you missed the memo? Today’s media is full of conversations around the

Sales Operations Articles

Data Science and Sales Operations Together Drive Greater Predictability

The most successful sales growth organisations are those that are finding methods to drive greater certainty into their business through data. When you align data science and sales operations together, you can leverage key impact areas that contribute to driving

Sales Strategy Execution Articles

Sales Models Have Changed – How it Affects Business Strategy

In recovering from the pandemic, companies are reviewing their business strategies and setting a new direction for the company. They are addressing their competitive position, but a key factor to consider will be that sales models have changed forever. Without

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