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7 07, 2020

Sales Forces Successfully Responding to the New Sales Environment

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Responding to the new sales environment and understanding performance expectations is at the forefront of executive's minds. Changing buyer behaviour demands new sales and marketing strategies, resource allocations, and tactical approaches, but questions regarding the effectiveness of such changes remain for the new sales environment. What we do know is, [...]

24 03, 2015

I Want to Lead a Sales Transformation

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Your company has been under the pressure of competitors and market changes for several years. You have made the usual moves of cutting costs, changing suppliers, looked for innovation in products and services, and the pressure is still building. There is one frontier that remains untouched, and it is time [...]

8 10, 2014

Challenges Facing Transformational Change

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You have identified that there is a sales and or marketing transformational change project that will positively impact your revenue projections when delivered. From previous experience, you know that the implementation of similar projects have suffered and produced less than desirable results. Our perspective, based on both research and experience [...]

9 07, 2012

A CEO Guide to a Successful Sales Transformation

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Reading Time: 6 minutes

The words ‘transformation’ or ‘change’ are business acronyms for making improvement to what a part of your company is currently doing. Whether that change is small in how an order is processed or a product ordered or a major change in the structure and activities of a large group of people. 

The catalyst to the majority of changes within a sales organization are often about more transparency, increased revenues and profits. Those type of changes goes to the core of who and what the company is and can never be treated with a ‘quick fix’ approach.

18 03, 2012

An Expensive Sales Model that Fails

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Over the last few years companies have had to rethink their strategies and look at ways of reinventing themselves by being smarter and most of all more profitable. With deteriorating profits and top line revenue, action needed to be taken, and for some still does. Many have made deep cuts into their organizational operational costs whilst others have reshaped their organizations completely taking a new model to market that meets the demands of business today.

Some companies have responded well to the challenge, others have been too slow to respond, and some have taken an approach of what is referred to as shifting sand. They have shifted problems around the business (shifting sand) and it may well be they have created quick sand for themselves.

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