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5 06, 2020

Getting Sales Quota Setting Right

By |2020-09-09T15:58:11+10:00June 5th, 2020|Sales Performance Improvement Articles|0 Comments

Sales Quota setting can often be described as one-part numbers and one-part intuition. Often developed based on attempting to find a balance between last year’s revenue and the expected revenue for the coming year. For many companies, KPIs are standardised and limited to just exceeding sales quota. When announced, sales [...]

4 07, 2016

How to Diagnose a Sales Problem

By |2020-08-24T12:48:59+10:00July 4th, 2016|Sales Performance Improvement Articles|2 Comments

Is there a sales problem? For many companies, the end of the financial year has arrived; the sales revenue results are final. Depending on the overall number delivered, some companies will be celebrating while others will be quietly frustrated (or loudly) that the planned number did not come in. The [...]

16 05, 2016

Smart Metrics Lead to Growth

By |2020-08-21T15:24:36+10:00May 16th, 2016|Sales Performance Improvement Articles|0 Comments

While there is a lot of conversation about strategy and tactics, growing a business requires more than just people skills. Importantly growth is about math and managing by the numbers to ensure people are applying their skills appropriately, particularly with salespeople. All too often we find companies with loyal salespeople, [...]

6 04, 2016

How to Hit Sales Targets in the Last Quarter

By |2020-08-20T14:33:42+10:00April 6th, 2016|Sales Performance Improvement Articles|0 Comments

To hit sales targets in the last quarter when you are behind takes precise management working with analytics and a solid coaching methodology. The financial year is drawing to a close; is your sales revenue lagging behind the target? Do you accept being 10-20-30% short of profitable planned goals?  Do [...]

21 07, 2014

Why Sales Force Measurement is Rejected

By |2020-08-20T17:48:25+10:00July 21st, 2014|Sales Performance Improvement Articles|0 Comments

Ever wondered why sales force measurement is met with resistance? Here is a great example of why the culture exists. For many years, sportspeople were seen as gifted talent, something that cannot be trained, measured, or improved. It was just natural for them and could not be replicated. Those people [...]

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