B2B Content marketing is a proven
Lead Generation tool


Content marketing is extremely relevant for B2B companies as they typically have to educate customers about their products or services before they will engage with the company. It is also used for brand awareness as part of your overall market efforts.

Buyers have changed their behaviour and no longer rely on salespeople to inform them of product information and performance. The rise of internet use to source relevant information to educate themselves as increased the demand for quality content marketing. A marketing practice that is about inbound activity to support the buyer’s demand for knowledge. Content Marketing also plays a major role in website optimisation; the process of improving your website’s ranking and visibility on search engines.

Content marketing must add value to the prospective buyer. It must:

Inform – Buyers want to be informed when they download content and the goal is to have them share that content and take action. Informing buyers requires an understanding of what level of knowledge they potentially have and where they are looking to advance.

Relevant – Buyers have different requirements depending on their responsibilities within their roles in a company. We segment buyers into personas to serve the most relevant information to their role responsibilities. What knowledge do they need and how will it enhance their role and the business.

Thought Leadership – buyers are seeking people who are informed and leaders in their field. Companies that understand the market, its trends, and how to add value as a supplier. They gain confidence where companies demonstrate they are innovative, have deep domain knowledge, and understand how their products or services can add value above their competitors. Thought leaders ignite more conversations with stakeholders than others.

Content marketing requires quality assets that convey those messages to prospective buyers. We work closely with you in the content marketing effort to ensure the right messages are conveyed.

What is included in content marketing?

Constantly creating great, and relevant content, that is engaging and delivers results for your business can be challenging. Sales Focus Advisory can assist you in the development of relevant types of content strategies to fit your marketing strategy and content marketing, such as:

  • eBooks,
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • How to guides
  • Video content
  • Audio content

Creating content includes the development of landing pages including graphic design work and pieces of content that resonate with your target audience and upholds your B2B brand.

The B2B content marketing strategy will identify the marketing pieces required throughout a year for both lead generation and customer retention programmes. Sales teams will have direct feedback on what information customers are interested in providing knowledge for up-selling and cross-selling to them. It will support them in having more targeted conversations with prospective customers.

Where do people see content marketing?

We distribute your valuable content across various platforms including email campaigns, your website, social media, blogs, and other credible platforms that your prospects engage with.

Talk with us today about your business growth expectations and how digital lead generation services can support you achieve them.  Connect with us via email or  Telephone 1800 699 997

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