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LinkedIn marketing is effective for
lead generation

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For B2B companies, LinkedIn Marketing makes an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy for making connections to generating leads and creating better brand awareness. It has grown from being a platform for professionals and employment to a social media platform that is a go-to place for people who want to expand their social networks and business connections by engaging with like-minded professionals. LinkedIn is a professional medium to market your products and services.

A LinkedIn marketing strategy provides you with access to targeted profiles and demographics by job title, function, industry, business size, or even seniority within geographical locations, giving you a highly qualified group for lead generation.

Most LinkedIn users visit the site every day or two, and is highly recommended as the B2B market connection. Through the highly targeted campaigns, you can share relevant content, blog posts, review personal profiles, and reach people in a more personal way.

LinkedIn advertising provides you with options of:

  • Sponsored content ads, which appear in your newsfeed. These can be sharing of your posts on your company page, the content of videos, imagery, and text;
  • Lead generation forms that garner the critical information to create sales-ready B2B leads;
  • Sponsored InMail ads to your prospects creating the opportunity for direct conversation;
  • Text ads, opening the opportunity for people to clicking through to a landing page;
  • Remarketing that retargets your prospects from other platforms.

LinkedIn is more than just an advertising medium

There are unique opportunities that exist with LinkedIn as B2B social media.

Build brand awareness and reputation online

Sharing of Content stories of customer successes, new products and services, and other exciting happenings at your company. Content that can be reshared by your team members to their networks.

It can be an extension of your content marketing strategy and present you as a thought leader to a new highly targeted audience.

As part of your digital marketing strategy and LinkedIn campaigns, Sales Focus Advisory can assist you in creating a LinkedIn company page to be an extension of your website and brand. We can create personal LinkedIn profile guidelines for employees to ensure the brand of your company is well represented across all the teams.

Gain insights

You can join LinkedIn Groups to research topics or gain industry knowledge and learn more on a specific topic. As a group member, you can determine the influencers in an industry or additional relevant contacts within a company.

Team member thought leadership

As LinkedIn members and regular users, it allows you to position yourself or team members as a thought leader in a particular industry. There are several ways to show your expertise:

  • Post high-quality content with its publishing tool to your personal page and share;
  • Take advantage of keyword searching by crafting your personal profile;
  • Contribute to LinkedIn Groups, and have team members answering questions from other group members.

The LinkedIn network is the optimum forum for thought and practice leaders, aiming to become trusted advisors.

LinkedIn is an important part of lead generation for sales-ready leads.

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