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Improve Sales Performance – identify and address the barriers to growth

Sales can define the success or struggle of a company to achieve growth and deliver strategies. To improve sales performance can be easier said than done.

For many companies, attempts are made that fail to deliver results as they approach the problems with band-aid fixes and attempts to apply potential solutions that fail to address the real underlying problems. In fact, some companies experience more issues than originally experienced as they put the business further out of balance. Simple fixes only work on simple problems!

To identify and remove the barriers to growth means finding the real causes and making the right changes timely. It requires realignment and adjustment across numerous points; as, like any other area of the business, only those units operating with high levels of the right efficiencies and performance can be relied upon to deliver outcomes.

The first step for any company to improve sales performance is to conduct a thorough objective review to fully understand the issues, what is causing the issues, and where improvements can be made to drive sales results. This becomes the basis of sales improvement initiatives that will increase your business sales.

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How Can You Improve Sales Performance?

As a sales and marketing consulting firm, have conducted in excess of 200 sales performance reviews delivering significant increases in revenue and profit for companies. We understand what it takes to improve sales productivity in sales teams, drive business growth and what the best ways are to drive your sales performance.

Using our proven proprietary methodology that identifies exactly what actions are required to be competitive and drive sales results in your company. We also review the alignment of sales and marketing, and where profit opportunities exist for your company using our lean thinking.

The Sales Improvement Review is a thorough analysis of your business looking at all the key contributors and benchmarking you against high-performance teams and sales organisations. It identifies the missing components required to drive growth and establishes the action steps required for success. The review creates an actionable report defining the high-priority, mid-priority, and general requirements for your business to develop a high-performance sales team.

A working tool for CEOs and their sales managers to deliver sales improvement and reach sales goals.

Your marketing department or requirements for marketing can be included providing you with a complete view of your revenue engine. The benchmarking assists stretch a business to new levels of growth. It is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

Discover the secrets to what made over 200 sales improvement projects succeed. Download the Complete Guide to Sales Revenue Improvement Now

Adele Crane has conducted over 200 business reviews across several countries; we are confident of our ability to increase your business with the foundation of the Sales Improvement Review.


We understand business and how to deliver profitable growth. If you do not consider our Sales Improvement Review to be relevant to your company, or if you can demonstrate that it will not assist in the profitable growth of your company, we will provide a full refund.

To discuss your specific requirements, telephone 1800 699 997 or reach out to Adele Crane to make an appointment.

From a CEO’s perspective, the review and benchmarking assist you to improve sales performance by:
  • identify where you can reduce costs and improve efficiency;
  • assess the productivity of your sales business and potential capacity you have to deliver revenue;
  • validate revenue goals and establish full ROI on salesforce costs;
  • validate the pipeline for velocity and ability to support sales goals;
  • identify opportunities to improve sales, new ideas, and innovative practices;
  • highlight opportunities for making your business more competitive;
  • forecast the impact of any changes and see how to prepare for growth;
  • develop sales improvement strategies for implementation.

The results are increases in top-line performance of 20-30-40% in revenue with increased points of profit on the bottom line.

From a sales and marketing management
  • An opportunity to identify areas to improve sales, confirming actions and supporting sales management with the right tools to remove unnecessary challenges, including culturally and historically ingrained processes that fail them in their quest to deliver strategy and sales goals;
  • A format to validate their sales goals and integrate their plans into one format obtaining executive support;
  • A discipline that brings the sales process and sales activity related to your sales cycle to a meaningful discipline for team members;
  • It assists align sales and marketing by providing clarity of types of leads and the number of leads required to support new business growth and actions required to retain customers;
  • The results include being recognised as an industry leader and a contemporary sales leader who can improve sales performance.

The results include being recognised as an industry leader and a contemporary sales leader who can improve sales performance.

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