Sales Force Assessment

Start improving the overall performance of your sales force.

As a sales leader, you recognise there are varying levels of individual performance in any sales team. Often taking the shape of a bell curve, it’s common to see people on each end of the spectrum. Those who perform exceedingly well, and then those who miss quota and goals. Some members are steady performers and overall the business ends up somewhere around the middle.

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Those middle performing individuals represent the greatest opportunity to deliver improved results and raise the bar in your sales organisation. But, improving the performance of the average sales professional is easier said than done.

Sales training alone, a common approach, will fail. It takes more.

Our experience of working with over excess of 10,000 salespeople and leadership over 30 years provides us with unique insights and understanding of top performance sales teams.

Our adaptive analytics-based approach leverages sales performance data to identify key drivers to deliver increased performance. We develop an overall profile of your top performers, and where the rest of your team sits in comparison to them. We identify the actions required to be made by both the company and the individuals to achieve improved performance.

As no two companies are the same, our Sales Force Assessment service is designed to align with your unique business environment and best practices. We will:

  • Analyse your key sales performance success drivers
  • Identify the best practices and behaviours of your top producers
  • Provide feedback on raising the performance of your top producers too
  • Perform skills gap analysis
  • Provide your sales leaders with an organisational report with an evaluation of current & potential sales performance and action plans.

This assessment solution will provide you with actionable information that can improve sales performance quarter on quarter.

To further discuss how you can drive more successful sales performance, connect with us today.

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As CEO, you have a critical role in ensuring sales organisation effectiveness and the final responsibility for delivering top line earning growth, which in turn drives the share price that is so integral to many executive packages today. It is your responsibility to understand the dynamics of the business and ultimately communicate and drive the strategies that will profitably grow revenue.

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