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Old Sales Practices

Old sales practices can stifle growth, unknowingly. This company achieved increased sales and improved margins in their orders in just 120 days. Read their story.


Removing Growth Barriers

Breaking a growth cap can be challenging. Read their story about how they achieved a 26% revenue increase and 3.9% profit improvement.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Revised Sales Strategy

A revised sales strategy realised a 200% sustainable increase in sales and became the fastest growing skin care product in department stores. Read their story.

Sales Personnel
Sales Improvement Assignments
1 %
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Providing insights into how top-performing companies hire, engage and retain their teams and marketing deliver sales-ready leads.

Business sales structure concept

Is Your Sales Structure Aligned Correctly?

The impact of a misaligned sales organisation can be challenging through to catastrophic for company’s revenue achievement. To illustrate this, consider a sales force consisting of twenty-five sales people with...

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5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 Every year the digital marketing trends change and this coming year has some significant changes than recent years with the impact of the pandemic....

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Sales Consulting to Solve Sales Problems

Recognised as a leader in sales consulting, we bring 30 years of global experience increasing B2B sales results. CEOs and business owners turn to Sales Focus Advisory deep knowledge to address sales problems and drive initiatives to improve sales.
Renowned for our sales and marketing review capabilities, we identify the real causes of sales problems you are experiencing and develop actionable project plans to deliver the required levels of improvement in shorter timeframes. We transform sales, align sales and marketing, enable sales teams to ensure your business will grow exponentially and sustainably.
A great place to start is with is improve sales performance review – we guarantee it will increase your sales.

B2B Lead Generation to Increase Sales – Fully Guaranteed to Deliver Results

Leads are the lifeblood of companies in today’s highly competitive market as everyone faces new market challenges. Our extensive consulting experience in sales and marketing provides us with a unique capability to genuinely align marketing and sales creating sales-ready leads.
Through our deep domain knowledge of inbound lead generation using digital marketing practices, we design bespoke marketing strategies specific to your business, target markets, and customers. Each marketing campaign carefully designed with measurable lead generation strategies providing you with sales-ready quality leads for sales teams and small businesses.
A great place to start is with our marketing audit to set the right lead generation plan in action to generate sales.

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