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13 03, 2017

Is your corporate strategy on target?

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Your corporate strategy sets the direction for the entire organisation, especially the sales and marketing teams. It defines the language and focus of the company and is designed to align the business more closely to its market. When developing your competitive advantage, you need to develop differentiation that is sustainable [...]

4 10, 2016

The Growth Strategy Most Likely To Fail

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Developing a growth strategy is the road map that guides the company's focus and efforts. When companies have some success with their sales force, they often consider the next step is to hire more people. This will increase the top-line revenue and grow the business, which will become increased bottom-line [...]

2 03, 2016

Writing Sales Strategy and Execution

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Writing Sales Strategy must be a core skill for sales managers to lead their teams. Unfortunately, companies continue to struggle with the need for a well-defined sales strategy that is executed timely to the market. With customer behaviour changing, the demand for how sales operate has shifted and sales leaders [...]

1 07, 2013

Characteristics of a Robust Sales Strategy

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For many companies end of financial year or the end of an important quarter milestone has just passed. The quality of your strategy is laid bare for review at these important timelines and you need to consider your strategies effectiveness and make adjustments if necessary.

The test for any strategy’s effectiveness is how well it is understood internally by the organisation and not just focus on the end result of the impact it has on the company’s market position and profitability. If your company is not delivering your strategy, it may not necessarily be because you have a poor strategy.

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