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1 02, 2016

Not all growth is good – managing profitable growth

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Have you ever grown a company too quickly and seen profits evaporate? Managing Profitable Growth is directly affected by sales forces. When companies reach a certain size and market share, managing profitable growth becomes more challenging as they compete to hold or grow markets with never-ending downward pressure on pricing [...]

10 01, 2014

The Contemporary Sales Organisation?

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Customer buying behaviour has altered both within company processes and psychologically and companies need to be aware of how those changes will affect them as we start 2014. Many sales organizations now are operating with sales forces that are carrying excessive direct and indirect costs causing profit losses (without even talking about margin on products).

16 12, 2012

Real Cost of Sales Growth Strategies

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Companies are continuously looking for growth but often miscalculate the real costs associated. There are many schools of thought on how to achieve growth and market share. For some companies acquisitions and mergers are the best route. For others with less capital available, the growth must be driven from within the business. The emphasis then shifts directly to the sales force and their activities.

21 10, 2012

Cost Cutting Without Curbing Your Growth

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Over the last few years, many companies have taken cost-cutting initiatives in an effort to retain profitability in their business. Other companies are now contemplating this challenge as they are exposed to different industry cycles and economic challenges. The question is “Are you cutting too deep and actually stopped the company’s ability to grow and bounce back in the future?”

Companies often make the error of making the decisions based on their income statement and remove items that are seemingly excessive. Unfortunately the figures that often stand out are marketing and sales head count overheads and related expenses, as they are typically a high cost to the business and their expenditure is poorly justified by their relevant departments.

14 05, 2012

Lean Sales Organisations

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The goal of any organization is to reduce costs and maximize profitability whilst retaining customer value. That is what everyone within an organization or company thinks about, works toward and wants to achieve. In pursuit of that goal, many different principles have been applied to business but the sales and marketing function continue to fail miserably against the operational side of the business when it comes to cost reduction and maximizing profitability.

21 12, 2011

Defining Sales Leakage and How To Fix It

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Sales leakage, that is the loss of potential sales for whatever reason, can have a devastating effect on an organization if not properly dealt with. Most companies only look at the obvious sales leakage as the loss of not winning a tender or bid, a proposal not being successful or a deal not coming through. Sales leakage goes far deeper than those obvious points.

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