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Hiring an effective sales manager challenges many companies

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Driving above-market sales growth requires a different type of sales recruiter: a recruitment partner who is experienced in what it takes to exceed sales targets and drive sales revenue improvement.

We work with the talent others can’t find.

As genuine Consulting Recruiters, we can assist you like no other traditional recruitment firm. Our experience is unrivalled; since 1990, managing, developing, and hiring thousands of sales personnel and management across the world.

Top performing companies use our services to:

  • Reducing their cost of sales adding more profit to the bottom-line,
  • Improving team strength creating a high performing competitive team,
  • Accelerating growth through acquisition of the right people, and
  • Reducing hiring time and staff turnover.

As part of our recruitment services, we work with you to improve your business performance when hiring.

Our Hiring Results:

  • Quality hire confirmed within four weeks
  • 96% of new hires remain employed after 12 months
  • 12-month guarantee on all hires

We work with you to ensure a successful placement. Telephone 1 800 699 997

Growth Strategies We Hire Top Talent To Deliver

Transform Your Sales Force

Secure a Sales Leader Who Can Drive Revenues & Culture Change

Execute Sales Expansions

Penetrate & Grow New Markets With a Sales Leader Who Has Done it Before

Build High Performance Sales Team

Secure a Sales Leader Who Can Build Teams Across Geographical Boundaries Delivering Growth

Alignment of Marketing and Sales

Hire Sales Leadership Capable of Aligning with Your Marketing Team and Deliver ROI & Results

Sales and Marketing Leaders We Recruit

Recruitment Guarantee

We provide you with peace of mind. We’re confident in our ability to find you the best person who will contribute to your culture and your company growth. We’re with you for the long haul and want to ensure you are pleased with your new hire.  If our choice for your business fails to work out in the agreed timeframe, we will quickly find you a suitable replacement, completely FREE of charge.

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Is Your Sales Structure Aligned Correctly?

The impact of a misaligned sales organisation can be challenging through to catastrophic for company’s revenue achievement. To illustrate this, consider a sales force consisting of twenty-five sales people with an average revenue target of $2 million each. If 60% of the sales force meet their revenue target while the remaining 40% perform at only 90% of budget, the resulting revenue shortfall for the business is $2 million per annum that can fall directly to the bottom line profit!

As CEO, you have a critical role in ensuring sales organisation effectiveness and the final responsibility for delivering top line earning growth, which in turn drives the share price that is so integral to many executive packages today. It is your responsibility to understand the dynamics of the business and ultimately communicate and drive the strategies that will profitably grow revenue.

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